How working from home has brought opportunities for some? Let's discuss 

Nov 3


arundhathi enamela

arundhathi enamela

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For many parents work at home opportunity in this pandemic period has brought in both advantages and disadvantages. On the good side, let's explore some opportunities that can add good atmosphere to the family.

  You know it how the pandemic period has laid an adverse impact on the lives of all of us. Unable to take a drive,How working from home has brought opportunities for some? Let's discuss  Articles buy groceries and vegetables, visit a movie theatre or a park or going anywhere else with family is no longer possible. But you are expected to stay home, spend time with family, attend to your job at your desk at home, take part in virtual events, meetings and do loads of work. This has been your routine, then you are definitely looking for new opportunities.   Millennials and working men and women staying at home have definitely seen some positive results such as you can explore remote work, connect with new friends, chat, share and exchange lot of discussions and much more. This lockdown period has certainly paved the way for new relations to get engaged in conversations.   New Learning Opportunities   If you are into technology field, Amazon and Google has been holding plenty of Cloud webinars to learn to help the aspirants pursue new courses in Cloud certification. This is a good opportunity to actually use it on day-to-day-basis and apply it in your daily work schedules. Cloud technology is one of the emerging field that gives a good start for technology professionals.    There are always many other online courses in every area - management, business, technology, health, nutrition, cooking and several other subjects. One of the easiest ways of pursuing certifications is to get registered in e-learning sources like Coursera, Google, Amazon, Edx, Udacity and many other.   There are hundreds of online courses that you can pursue that improve your career.   Health care   For those who did not find time for gym, workout, exercise and other fitness programs can now avail this lockdown opportunity to begin their fitness program. For those who are obese, these fitness workouts work well and they can avail this opportunity to give the best care for their diet, health and relax time.   They can also enjoy a bit of cooking time in kitchen and preferably prepare some dishes for their family which is full of fun.       Recreation Time   Working on a 9 to 5 job earlier with very little to dedicate to family in weekends, lockdown has brought a new opportunity to spend more time with family. Having children at home can introduce you to find recreation opportunities and spend quality time. This is also a time where you learn more about your children.    Build Relations    You may never had time to interact with your college friends or distance relations due to your work schedules. Now is the time to catch up with all of them and build your network.  Communication being the essence of having good relations, utilizing the time to make new friends and exchange conversations online, share experiences and having fun is great.   Attend virtual events   Along side of business deals and official meetings, you can also take time to attend entertaining, informative and knowledgeable or celebration virtual events that can offer different kind of experience that technology offers. In fact this is another great advantage of using technology on our mobile phones, laptops, tablets etc.  The discussions that take place on Facebook live events, YouTube are really god and they impart knowledge. On the other hand, you can attend family events like birthday parties, weddings, engagements and other ceremonies that create a happy atmosphere at home.    Conclusion   Creating better scope and building innovative ideas to make our family environment better in pandemic period is not a proven method, but it comes with a little bit of planning and ideas that really make it exciting.   

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