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Birthdays are one thing you can count on.  We all have them and I'm willing to bet, all of your family members and friends have them too.  Sometimes birthdays seem to roll around quickly.  You can't believe it's been a whole year since you found the perfect gift for your cousin Susie, and now it's time to deliver again.

Whether the birthday boy or girl is a friend,Guest Posting lover or just an acquaintance, flowers can be ordered and designed to say just the right thing.   Flowers have so much going for them, it's a wonder you haven't thought of this before!

Think of the blossoms as building blocks.  Each has color, texture and form.  They each have a personality and many have a tradition.  The rose is elegant and says love.  The carnation is sturdy and says you can count on me.  The orchid is exotic and dares you to dream. 

Next, think of your florist as an architect.  She uses the building blocks to design a birthday greeting.  An architect won't design a home for you until she has spent time with you and discovered your personality and your needs.  A good florist should be asking a couple of questions to help her design the floral piece that says just what you want to say.

No, we're not talking about a million dollar home, were just talking about a birthday bouquet.  Still, you should try to convey the message you are trying to send when you order your flowers from the florist.  Your florist can translate your words into flowers.  Using words like Romantic, Festive, Bright, Soft, Extravagant, Elegant, Simple, Fun, Young, Classic, Natural, Earthy or Modern will help your florist understand the personality she is fitting. 

You can send flowers with little or no thought, and they'll probably be just fine.  The enclosure card will say "Happy Birthday", and the message will get through.   Or, you can invest just a few minutes into the process and choose flowers in a design that expresses the personality and message that fits the situation.  It'll be worth the investment, I promise. 

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