Offensive Printed Clothes Worn In Public?

Nov 23


adam leaf

adam leaf

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Would you really wear offensive or rude printed clothes out in the public?

Why people would wear offensive/rude printed clothes in public:

It’s really up to the individual person if they would wear offensive printed or rude printed clothes out in the public. People will wear rude printed clothes because they want to get their point across and maybe joking about it or wearing something funny about the subject in hand won’t cause any emotions but the minute you wear something rude will cause a bit of a stir. When you wear and offensive or rude printed clothes out on the public and you cause a bit of a stir that’s the emotion that you want to be causing because that will then get your point or views across.

I must emphasise that different people will have different views as to what is rude and offensive only because people have a different sense of humour. So what you may classify as rude or offensive other people may only grade that as a funny slogan or a picture. Vice versa,Offensive Printed Clothes Worn In Public? Articles if you classify something to be funny and a bit of a laugh and a joke someone else may take it as an offensive and rude printed slogan or picture.

Why people don’t wear offensive/rude printed clothes out on the public:

The real quick answer is that people don’t want to cause any harm to themselves or to other people out in the public. The last thing you want to do is when your going out shopping on a weekend out to your local city centre and then if your eating in a family atmosphere restaurant and you’re still wearing your rude printed t shirt is a parent with their kids telling you to cover up your t shirt because it’s not setting a good example. This scenario has happened before to people and its quite an embarrassing moment, let me tell you. One moment that you wish you picked something else to wear. I can only agree that I wouldn’t want my kids seeing a rude or an offensive t shirt when we’re shopping out in the public. 

The best place to wear offensive printed clothes is when you know that it will be an all adults area so like parties or nightclubs or out on a lads holiday the last thing you want is to really offend the wrong sort of people. Or you could simply buy non offensive cloths to be on the safe side and then you’ll have a wardrobe full of clothes that you can wear every day knowing you wont be embarrassed wearing it.

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