Quality Inspection Methods of Outdoor Film Faced Plywood

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Outdoor film faced plywood is a common building material. It is widely used in various kinds of construction project. We should pay attention to its quality from many aspects when purchasing in order to ensure the safety of construction.

1. Appearance:
Making sure that you have checked the surface of film faced plywood before purchasing them. The surface of high-quality template is totally smooth. Parallel press technique creates the flat edges for film faced plywood. There should be no depression or bubble in the wood or surfaced,Guest Posting and you can use your hand to press the wood to judge its quality. The film should have a certain degree of waterproof and corrosion resistance.

2. Flexibility:
The inspection method of flexibility of film faced plywood is relatively simple. Raise one end of the film faced plywood on high and put some weights on the other end. You can tread on the middle of the plywood to check whether the template can bounce back quickly after pressing down. If not, it means that the film faced plywood is unqualified.

3. Bearing Capacity:
Place the outdoor film faced plywood horizontally on a shelf without any sub-plate. Then add weights on the plywood to calculate the per square meter bearing capacity. The higher the bearing capacity is, the better the quality of the film faced plywood.

4.The Quantity of Glues
Boiling the film faced plywood is the most direct way to inspect the quality of glue. You can just boiling the plywood directly in a pressure cooker. Generally speaking, a high-quality film faced plywood can be boiled for more than 8 hours without any cracking of glue. The longer the boiling time, the better the quality of the template.

Meanwhile, the type of glue, moisture content and formaldehyde release standards are also the significant things to the quality of outdoor film faced plywood. You cannot directly identify the good and bad of them with the naked eye. So be sure to check the manufacturer's certificate carefully to avoid potential safety and health risks.

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