Why Do We Need to Use Film Faced Plywood Instead of Steel Moulding Plate?

May 1




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Building templates are the mold shell and holder that assist concrete casting and forming, which can be seen everywhere in the construction sites. The main building templates currently on the market are still film faced plywoods and steel moulding plates. Compared with steel moulding plate, the advantages of film faced plywood are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:


1. Short Construction Period
The short construction period of film faced plywood is mainly benefits from its characteristics. Firstly,Why Do We Need to Use Film Faced Plywood Instead of Steel Moulding Plate? Articles the film faced plywood is easy to demoulding. It takes only one seventh as long to demould the film faced plywood as the steel one. This can effectively accelerates the progress of construction project. At the same time, it will also bring further cost savings. Secondly, the surface of film faced plywood is smooth. There is no need for carrying out secondary plastering, which means using the film faced plywood as moulding material will reduce the construction procedures and the workload of workers. Thirdly, film faced plywood has good thermal insulation property. In winter, it can effectively protect the concrete which is in the process of solidification, and prevent them from freezing off. That will ensure the quality of construction project and prevent rework cost.

2. Light Per Unit Weight and High Strength
As its name indicates, the basic material of film faced plywood is wood. Therefore its unit weight is much lighter than steel moulding plate. The manufacturer processes the log, then drys and hot-pressing them. These processes help the film faced plywood retains a good structural strength with its light per unit weight. It can fully meet the construction needs. The lighter unit weight also makes carry and assemble becomes easier. Film faced plywood is especially suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings and bridges.

3. Good Corrosion Resistance
The outdoor film faced plywood is made by WBP glue and covered with PVC film paper. Its appearance and physical properties can be kept for a long time even in the wet or moist environment. Its outer surface is smooth and not easy to break or fall off, which means you don't need to worry about that it may contaminate the concrete. In addition, the film faced plywood can be sawed, nailed or be combined into different shapes according to the construction needs. Generally speaking, outdoor film faced plywood can be used repeatedly for more than 15 times.

In fact, it is actually these advantages that make the film faced plywood quickly recognized by consumers in recent years, and also occupies a growing market share now. As a consumer, what you also need to pay attention to is the quality, so as to reduce the risk of construction accident. Making sure that you choose the manufacturers and brands with production qualification.