The Etheric Body

Sep 2


Rachel Saxon

Rachel Saxon

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The etheric body is composed of the basic life force “chi”. It has the same structure as the physical body, but carries a formation of “meridians” throughout the body layout.


The Etheric Body

The etheric body is composed of the basic life force “chi”. It has the same structure as the physical body,The Etheric Body Articles but carries a formation of “meridians” throughout the body. Meridians sustain the physical body by moving through all the main organs and providing them with etheric energy. The term etheric refers to the different plains of existence, so the energy is linking the physical body to the spiritual world and keeping its life-force healthy. The etheric body does more than this as it what allows anything physical to be alive. It feeds the physical body with etheric energy with which life cannot exist without. Ithas an energy field which the physical body is built on to. It allows the physical body to exist though its structure and transference of etheric energy via the meridians.

The structure of the etheric body is constantly changing. Psychics are able to pick up on these changes and sense the different energy levels and etheric pulsation rates in a person, sometimes allowing them to help them with their spiritual wellbeing. The color is bluish in tone although the shade and brightness varies from person to person depending on their state of mind and physical health. All the organs of the physical body are here, but are in the form of the blue coloured etheric energy. It is this energy that creates a web on which the physical body can form and exist.

It is possible to see the pulsations of the etheric body in the right light and against a plain background. Some psychics will learn to focus on these pulsations and read them in a similar way to reading an aura. Psychics will be able to gain information about a person’s physical and mental health from a successful reading.

The etheric body of spiritual energy exists without the physical body, but the physical body cannot come into existence without it. This has implications on how we experience the physical world. When a person can still feel a lost or amputated limb this is the etheric energy running through the etheric framework that still exists in whole. In a sense the amputated limb is actually still there, but in its etheric form and not its physical form. Some psychic healers believe that it may be possible to learn how to regenerate the physical body onto the etheric framework!

So inside us is a literal body of energy that exists as a framework for the physical body. This internal body of energy gives the life force to the physical body. It keeps it sustained and healthy and links it to the spiritual plains of existence. The physical body would not exist without the energy and sustenance it is given by the etheric body.