Used Drum Set. How To Choose The Right One?

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Choosing the right drum, especially the used one need really good attention. Do not let us choose the wrong drum. Good looking drum can not necessarily produce perfect sound as we want. For that, please note some tips of selecting used drum set.

1.Shell Elaborate wood condition on toms,Guest Posting for example, bearing edge, thickness, are they cracked or not. This is very vital, because it is closely connected with the sound quality / tone. The same thing with a shell made of iron.


Check the condition of the boom stand, straight stand, snare stand, rubber feet, wing bell, tripod brace, wing nut, cymbals filters, foam, and memory lock. Usually this kind of hardware is less noted, because most people pay more attention to appearance and sound only. Though this hardware will greatly influence the stability of the drum itself.

3.Tension Rods

Check whether the tension rods are still functioning properly. If the condition is a little rusty, do not be afraid because it is quite easy to overcome. Self-cleaned with a brush before cleaning, you should first get it soaked with gasoline.

4.Ring / Hoops

Look at the surface of the ring / hoops. Is it flat? Because if it is not flat, it will make a tom sound overtone / flanging. We can feel it when we play the drum.

5.Bracket mount

Bracket associated with the tom and bass drum. Inspect the bolt, is the wing hat still in good condition?


Check the condition of lugs one at a time. Typically, an old age drum have crack problems on the lugs.

7.B.D Spurs

Feet on the bass drum is very important because if the condition is not stable / sturdy, it will affect the performance of a drummer.

8.Tom holder

Check with the state locked in a tight condition. Is tom in a state of solid or still swaying from his position? Conditions that are less stable will certainly affect the comfort of a drummer when playing the drum kit.

9.Drum head

Check the skin / drum head on toms, floor, snare, and bass drum. Specially snare drum, take a look at the surface of the snare bed, also the strainer on / off , is it still going well? Drum head is vital enough to see the condition of drum set. Because this greatly affects the sound of the drum itself.

Some of the tips above might be useful to give some idea of how to choose used drum set. At least reduce some possible mistakes in buying used drum set. Happy shopping

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