Live Perform Tips. What Should I DoTo Overcome Stage Fright?

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There are many things that we have to prepare before a gig, especially if it is an important show or big event.

Here are some tips to play well on live perform, and overcome stage fright:

Watching live music performances is something that is very enjoyable and exciting. Looking at the performers stage act,Guest Posting their harmonies, sound effects, and many more that can make us stunned and lost track of time. The artist or performer really know what to do, they seemed to make us think that it is very easy to do although it is not as easy as you see, maybe if you have experience with big music events, and have played very often that you even forget how many times you have performed on stage, it is not a big deal. But what if it is your first stage? What should you do to play good music on stage? Because, when we are faced with a lot audience, especially for the first time, we will become nervous, we get stage fright, forgetting everything, and don’t know what to do.

It is a common thing that musician faced, just like my friend, he played very well at practice, great skill and technique, but when he performs, he seemed to went back three levels down. He totally forgot everything, and playing himself out of the concept.

There are many things that we have to prepare before a gig, especially if it is an important show or big event.

Here are some tips to play well on live perform, and overcome stage fright:

1. Make sure that everything is ready.

If you are a musician, and performs a concert, by making people pay to see you, obviously we have to give the best. Bring your best equipment, if it has been provided by the event organizer, at least bring a backup equipment, who knows what will happen when we are on stage. Take the advantage of sound check session. Arrange the most convenient position on the stage, set up your instrument as you wish, such as the height of the seat on the drum, where to put your guitar effects, or small things like “where do I have to put my drinking bottle”. If you have more funds, hire some crew to help you overcome the technical stuff on stage. Make sure the monitor is very comfortable on the stage to your ears, What would you do if you can not monitor your vocalist singing? or the bass drum sound on your monitor? or even your own guitar sound? Don’t let it happen! it will greatly affect your performance on stage. Arrange it smoothly, discuss it with your sound engineer about what you want to hear on the stage.

2. Learn the characteristics of the platform where you play.

This is very important especially for vocalists and players usually move freely on stage. If you play on a big stage, set up strategies so that you can cover the entire stage with your actions, you do not want to gather in the middle stage of a width of 50 meters, on the contrary, if the small stage. Arrange a comfortable position so you do not collide with each other while on stage, which can restrict movement, or your actions on stage. Take advantage of the stage as well as possible, because, remember! when on stage, you are the star. Audiences do not want to see you becomes stiff and awkward on stage.

3. Encourage one another in the band.

In a band, solidity is very important. Mutual trust, and give the best for your band partner. Discuss what you would do on stage. Mutually open to each other is a good start. Give input on what to do, and what should not. Do not ever think about the weaknesses of your friends, but always thinking about what are they good at, and always trying to cover the shortfall. That way you will become a very solid band. If you trust each other, trust me, at any kind of stage will be fun and exciting.

Now it’s time to start the show.

4. Don’t be nervous

It is often faced by novice musicians, nervous! You find dozens, hundreds, even thousands of eyes are watching you. Inhale deeply,I can do this! say it over and over in your mind. Play with calm. Many of the events that I often come across is, when playing in front of the crowd, we usually play a faster tempo, even very fast. Especially for the drummer. Once again, Do not panic! If you get past the first song well, the next song would be very easy. The stage is yours. If you enjoy your play, then the audience will enjoy your play. Isn’t that the main purpose of the audience? they come to watch a good show.

5. Don’t do too much.

Do the same as when you exercise. Do not spoil the harmony of a song just because you are nervous, or want to show your skills, and do a lot of fill in almost every part of the song. You play in a band, not solo! Show your band concept. When to perform solo, or high skill that fits with the portion of the song. This is a very often I see in beginner band, they do not know what to do on stage, when they do the show and see the drummer or another guitarist, or even a girl he liked who happened to watch their performances. Most players will feel nervous, and some will feel cocky, by doing everything he can on the stage, and destroyed the rhythm of your band. Calm down guys. You will look very unprofessional on stage.

6. Stay Focus!

In a single concert, we usually can carry 10 to 20 songs. It will require incredible stamina. Prepare everything well. Prepare your best condition as possible before the show. When exhausted you’ll easily lose your focus, and can affect your game. Always prepare a bottle of drinking water close to you, do not forget to always taking vitamins before the show, get enough sleep before a performance. It will help you stay focused.

Some of the above might just as an illustration of my very little experience. There are many other points we have to do during the show. The important thing is to give the best you can, and be yourself. Do not be afraid to take all the opportunities that exist. Keep practicing. Do not ever get enough. Be a humble musician, and appreciate every musician that exists. Technique is not the main thing, but the soul in music is the main thing. Play music with your heart, and you’ll understand. Music is something very beautiful in this world. I can not imagine if there is no music in this world. Do not try to play music, but live within the music, with the heart.

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