Why You Need A Shaving Oil

Mar 25


Louise Forrest

Louise Forrest

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Using a shaving oil is the best option if you want a shave that is going to be comfortable and free from irritation.


For that reason if you are shaving in sensitive areas I recommend using shaving oil as a pre-shaving oil. Liberally massage the oil on the area to be shaved and without washing off the oil in between apply your favorite shaving lotion. It is best if using a non-foaming shaving cream or gel. This extra layer of shaving goodness can further protect your skin and allow an even smoother glide of the razor.

When shaving with shaving oil you will find that a little goes a long way. One 4oz bottle of shaving oil can last up to a whole year of daily whole body shaving. Don't lug around that large can of shaving foam. Most shaving products on the market rely on heavy doses of chemicals. The simplest form of shaving oil is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's great for your skin and will help with a shave. Most producers of shaving oils go a step further having concocted their own blends over the years using high quality oils to give an even better shaving experience.

So,Why You Need A Shaving Oil Articles whether you want a more environmentally friendly way to shave or treat your skin to the most healthy and smooth shave possible, Shaving oil is the way to go. Most men, have problems with shaving. Pre-shaving oil can be a savior for men who experience unwanted side effects from shaving.

Not only will using a pre-shave oil help with the stiff hairs it can also help aid your skin and protect it from rashes and razor burn.

Whether you shave with an electric razor, or a straight razor, you will notice that you are getting more shaves out of a single blade. Many men complain of sensitivity when shaving their upper lip, one of the purposes of using pre-shave oil is to stop this uncomfortable side effect. The whole purpose behind pre-shave oil is to create a layer of protection over your skin, with a special blend of oil. Normally you will see a big difference and the choice of skin care for menis very important for you to look good.

For the latter there is shaving cream. The ingredients are the single most important value of a shave product. When you wet shave your razor will remove a layer of skin making it important to use a shave product that will retain moisture.

Wet shaving is the most common shaving method and with the advent of the safety or disposable razor, the straight razor is used by few men today.

Thoroughly massage your natural shave oil or cream into shave area. Shave with the grain of beard. After first pass, for a closer shave, apply a bit more oil or shave cream, if needed, and shave across or against the grain of beard for the closest shave.

While better shaving creams and shaving oils will leave your shave area moisturized, a good after shave balm or skin cream with natural ingredients can be applied to your entire shave area further fortifying and protecting your skin. The shaving lubricant is one of the most important things to ensure a good shave.

The choices available are varied, such as, shaving gel, shaving foam, shaving cream, soap or shaving oil. The texture and the quality is the key while choosing any shaving lubricant. The cream can be applied using a shaving brush or applied direct to the skin.

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