Will powder coating waste be recycled?

Sep 2


Kate Jing

Kate Jing

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It's a discussion about whether powder coating wast could be recycled or not.

Powder electrostatic coating equipment gets rapid popularization in the world since its debut on market. However,Will powder coating waste be recycled? Articles with high-pressure airless spraying machine, there will be some powder can not be fully used because of the work discontinuity, powder weight and the effect of spraying equipment schedule. If the powder waste is not collected in time, this part of powder is likely to  cause environment pollution; if the waste is cycled for use, it is not proper for it contains something that can affect the coating quality.

Actually, there is always some defects in powder coating recycling equipment influenced by equipment manufacturing other factors. As a result, people have been searching for an ideal powder recovery system in order to solve the problem of powder recycling in the process of powder coating. The device can be divided into suction, separation, filtering and discharge parts. The suction section can constitutes a single piece of free control wind plate, a control system and a tuyere. So the floating powder from the spraying equipment room will be into the separation system which can separate dust in the air and powder leftover.

Separation system of powder coating machine constitutes cyclone tube, filter screen and air outlet. As for effect, it’s mediated by a specific cyclone cylinder device that can take advantage of the original powder box to make powder mixture into spraying equipment for cycling; some small particles of powder can hardly get electric adsorption in the machine. If these waste powder can not so timely be separated add continuously to the second-stage separation, there will be ess and less amount powder available; the reduction of effective powder per unit will lead to thinner film.

Next, the separated powder, air mixture will come into filter section which includes filter chamber waste powder collection box and clean gas system. At the same time, pulse cycle and air flow intensity can be adjusted according to the actual production situation in order to achieve best recycling effect. Filter and gas pulse are keys to the whole structure. If filter is not good enough, powder filter is not going to be clean; if powder discharges into the atmosphere, it will has negative impact to surrounding environment. The worse situation could be severe local dust concentration which may cause explosion.

If such design is applied in actual powder coating line industry, powder waste could be more effectively used than before. More and more changes will come to cover the defects of spray machine.