Do you think powder coating superior to paint coating?

Sep 16


Kate Jing

Kate Jing

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It's about the comparison between powder coating and paint coating.

In recent years,Do you think powder coating superior to paint coating? Articles powder coating is applied to more and more indusial items, from bicycles, home furniture and office furniture, to kitchen appliances and automobiles. It has better performance on lifetime and attractive finish have than paint coating. What’s more, some powder types have not only common decoration and protection quality, but also with other protective features, such as ultra-violet rays, anti-corrosion, anti-abrasion and so on. Thus, some new consumers tend to choose powder coating. 

Generally, it has some advantageous features over paint coating from coating performance,  energy consumption to environmental benefits.

Better coating performance 
The unique features on powder coating line work make it with better performance on finish consistency and uniformity that that of painting coating. The powder spray work are less likely to have such defects as sags, drips, and bubbles. The finish is always regarded as super tough and durable, which can add value to target substrate with better impact resistance, corrosion resistance and flexibility.

Originally, such technology is designed to create coated products that can resist cracking, peeling and marring in normal use. In fact, the original design dream comes true to some extent, though the powder coating production line needs further improvement.

Energy saving

Compared with liquid painting system, the production process save about half energy from the efficiency whole powder coating line including automatic curing oven. The energy saving means  not only fewer expense on no labor, material, waste disposal, but also higher efficiency. Thus,  powder spray line develops fast in coating industry. It’s no doubt why both manufacturers and consumers prefer superior quality coating products with lower cost.

Environmental protection

To some extent, paint coating has some side effect on environment. The coating material contains some solvents that can make air pollution; sometimes, it burns the ozone layer; the painting line processes also release some sort of sludge. There seems no other good solution for the sludge rather than dumping into ground.

In contrast, powder coating has no chemical solvents and does not discharge a great amount of volatile organic compounds amounts to the air. So powder is quite different from liquid paints in this aspect.  

Though powder over-spray may do harm to the air, it can be resolved by recycling use and the the harm degree would be dismissed greatly. 

All in all, people put much focus on energy saving and environment protection all these advantages makes powder coating production line become new favorite in finish industry.