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At some point in every woman's life she purposely pauses along her life path to deeply ponder: What do I have to show for all I've been through? Am I on the right path? Is this the life I truly want for myself?

There comes a point in every woman's life where she purposely pauses along her life path to deeply ponder: What do I have to show for all I've been through? Am I on the right path? Is this the life I truly want for myself?

Whether she is referring to financial stability,Guest Posting the right husband or man in her life, a certain career position, a child, a successful business, the ideal body weight or simply peace of mind, this soul-searching reflection can be a major turning point. After investing years, tears, hard work and self-sacrifice and not achieving personal contentment, she finds herself at a crossroads in life adamantly declares, "Enough is enough, it's my time now!"

Recently, three prominent girlfriends asked for advice for their crossroads experiences. I knew how to effectively help them though the process because I had already successfully overcome my own and had also helped hundreds of women at conferences.

First, Margaret called: "On paper it looks good that I am a respected professor at a prominent University. But in reality I am overworked, underpaid and overwhelmed by people constantly using me as a sounding board, yet never once asking how I'm doing. I'm fed up and will set boundaries with my time from now on." Her crossroads experience: Tired of being taken for granted.

Next, Deborah confessed: "I feel so depressed that I have to talk this out. I have an influential job [as a media executive], good standing in my community and I live in the suburbs, yet I still struggle to make ends meet financially. I have worked so hard all my life, but I don't have enough money to show for it. Sometimes it gets really rough. It's time for a change." Her crossroads experience: Tired of being undervalued and underpaid.

Then, Belinda shared this: "My last relationship took a toll on me emotionally. He cheated on me for a year before I found out. I left three months ago and it still hurts. I invested two solid years of my life with him. I'm tired of always being the second choice. I am not sleeping with another man unless he marries me. At 39, I thought I would be happily married and with two children by now. Her crossroads experience: Tired of being in unhealthy relationships.

Though different, they share a common bond: They are savvy, contemporary women who have come to a point where they no longer will accept inadequate treatment. They will require-even demand-that their self-worth be recognized.

These women are not alone. We all have crossroads experiences. Whether you are an actor, doctor, preacher, or teacher, at some point you will go through a deeply soul-searching period. Those on the outside may see you as the Woman who has it all together while not knowing that on the inside you are silently screaming for a personal breakthrough, deeper understanding and a change for the better.

When you reach your crossroads and are ready to take control and move on to a better life, you will start shedding many old beliefs, habits and acquaintances you once considered friends. Your spirit will declare to God, the Universe, and all Humanity that you want and deserve better. There will be a cleansing as you prepare for the blessings that are about to emerge in your life. When God closes one door, He always opens another. But sometimes we have to spend a little time in the hallway.

When you're in the Hallway of Life, between exiting one door and on the threshold of a new one, this crossroads experience may seems lonely and discouraging at times because you can't see the new opening right away. Remember: The darkest hour is just before dawn. After passing through your crossroads hour, your new dawn will surely come. Here's to celebrating the new you and to receiving every blessing that you desire and deserve!

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