Affiliate Marketing Beginner? Avoid These Mistakes

Feb 25


Kay Patterson

Kay Patterson

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You've started, or are thinking of starting, an Affiliate Marketing business... But like any business, it is so easy to screw it up before you get off the ground, so here are some useful tips about the most common mistakes...

Affiliate Marketing can be the easiest route to earning a good income online for the novice home business starter. With low start up costs and no extra overheads,Affiliate Marketing Beginner? Avoid These Mistakes Articles it's as near to operating a "free" business as you can get. You sell other people's products, they ship the goods, handle customer service and payments. "All" you have to do is send the customers to their site, they make the sale, and you take your commission... Sounds so simple, instant affiliate profits!However, as the principle is so simple... everybody is doing it, which means everybody is competing for the same customers... almost. Invariably, new or budding affiliate marketers search the Internet for the what they think are the best products to promote. Generally, this tends to be latest or fastest moving "hot" products, such as those in the "fat loss" or "make money" markets.That is understandable, as, to a novice affiliate, they look like they will produce the quickest profits... That is their first, and the most common, mistake!The thing is, you will find that those markets are usually dominated by "the big boys", who have been doing this for years, have well established websites, huge customer lists, and know how to pump this stuff out without a second thought. That is not to say you can never compete in these markets... but I would advise getting some experience in a lower profile market to start with.For example, as an "affiliate marketing beginner", try to promote a product within a subject you are interested in. Remember that the Internet allows you to reach a potential market of millions of people, so even a relatively "low interest" subject or product can still produce significant returns, especially if you can offer an authoritative and informed view of a subject. Do your research, this will obviously help with article writing. Mistake no.2... Trying to promote everything at once. For example, if your website is focused on something like "dog training", an advert for "improving your golf game" is unlikely to generate much interest, you would want to stick with products within the "pets" arena. Obvious you might think... But you'd be surprised how many "new" affiliate marketers promote unrelated products on their site, thinking it will boost their profits.Mistakes no.1 and 2 generally lead to mistake no.3... after finding that they've been plugging away at this for a few weeks, and still not made any money... They give up!I know, all of the affiliate programs out there promise you will be a millionaire by next Friday... It's normal practice, and usually an accepted part of the sales process...But we all know, deep down, that it's impossible... even if we would like it to be different. That doesn't mean you won't make money, just that, as with any business, it won't happen overnight. Affiliate Marketing is not magic, but still a good "home business"!Most "new" Affiliate Marketers have never had any marketing experience, let alone web design and building, advertising, article writing, etc. but still expect to make a fortune without this knowledge. It takes time to learn these things, and you will, but you must be patient... and grow your Affiliate Marketing business one step at a time.Your next step?Find out how you can get your new business off to a great start with our Affiliate Profits Pack!