My True Story...How I Changed My Life!

Jul 31


Kay Patterson

Kay Patterson

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First let me tell you that I was extremely reluctant to write this, but my family and friends have persistently nagged me since they can't believe the transformation in me over the last couple of years.For my part, whilst extremely happy with my life now (I feel great!), I am a little embarrassed about what my life had become before I decided to change it.So here goes... (deep breath),

Around 3 years ago,My True Story...How I Changed My Life! Articles I was living in the outskirts of London with my husband of thirty years ( I got married at 18) in a small council house, and our 3 lovely  children had grown up and gone out into the world outside. I had a reasonable job as a Secretary in the City which meant an average 12 hour day with commuting, as well as looking after the house, washing, ironing, shopping etc... I was tired all the time! I must point out that at this time I weighed around 18 stone (UK size 24), sometimes having to walk with a stick because of the arthritis pain my weight was causing in my back and my knees. Over the years I had tried all sorts of "weight-loss programs" and "fads" and nothing seemed to work for me. I would often cry myself to sleep, and didn't have a full length mirror in the house for years! I´m sure you get the picture...  Anyway, I was sitting at my desk one afternoon when I received a text message from my husband... "I DON'T LOVE YOU ANYMORE".I was devastated. I just sat there and burst into tears at my desk. One of my colleagues took me across to a cafe and tried to console me while I just wept for most of the afternoon.My Boss gave me time off to sort things out and was very supportive, as were my friends and colleagues.It turned out that my husband had been seeing a woman from the local gym for a while (ironic considering he is both fat and bald) but didn´t want to leave me!To cut a long story short, things didn't improve and got to a stage that even my youngest daughter suggested I leave him, so I did, and it's the most frightening thing I've done in my life!I had no confidence, no self esteem, so conscious of the way I looked I always felt people were staring at me, or alternatively treated me as if I wasn´t there.Fortunately, my children and friends rallied to my support, I rented a flat (apartment) a few miles away and decided things had to change!One of my friends suggested I try a new "healthy" diet program that she had started using, and apparently was getting some results with. I almost said "no", "I've tried them all before" etc, etc (and I love food), but for the sake of friendship and the company I suppose, I agreed to try it with her.I won't say I was immediately amazed, I wasn't... but I did start losing some weight, which gave me hope that I could find the (reasonably) slim person that was always inside the rest of me. So, with my newly found hope and determination, I found a different type of slimming program (I can eat as much as I like) and combined the two of them.After 2 months (I recorded my progress weekly) I had lost 46lbs!Not only that, I didn't need my stick anymore, the aches and pains were only occasional, and I could even manage some exercise (mainly fast walking at that time).Guess what.. 4 months after that I weighed myself at 10stones 11lbs (which is roughly as I am now) and, would you believe... UK dress size 10, and I am told I look 10 years younger! That was about 2 years ago now, around the time I met my fiance (younger than me, fit, and with hair!), who I now live with in our lovely villa in Spain.I regularly go dancing and even run around on the beach, things I could only dream of 3 years ago, I feel great!I strongly encourage you, if you are now, or ever find yourself approaching the despair I found myself in... Do Something About It! You will never look back, I promise you.I have provided links to programs that helped me if you wish to look at them and hope my true story can give hope and strength to anyone that needs it. Enjoy your life!

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