Eu has introduced five different techniques to

May 22


L Hoque

L Hoque

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Euraffiliates, the next generation affiliate software, helps to improve paid ad (PPC) sales, SEO sales, email sales and even 3rd party affiliate network sales. And of course affiliate sales.

Euraffiliates,Eu has introduced five different techniques to  Articles the affiliate software vendor from UK, has introduced 5 different techniques to "Sell More" online:

1. Sales Through Affiliates: Let us assume Mr. M is a merchant, has an ecommerce website, sells products online. Now to multiply his sales he makes deals with 50 high traffic websites to drive visitors. In return he commits xx% commission of the total sales volume they refer through the ads posted in their sites or emails. Euraffiliates system offers the complete automation to the total partnering process and setup the best affiliate marketing platform. It offers the best motivating tools such as personalized commission, SEO friendliest quick and natural linking solutions and highest security through application firewalls. It has advanced ads like Amazon like product widgets, content widgets, datafeeds, rotating ads, refer-a-friend tools to snatch away the giant affiliates from their rivals. It also comes with the traditional marketing tools like banners, page peels, text ads, text links light boxes etc.

2. More SEO Sales: The Natural Linking (the SEO friendliest affiliate linking option) helps merchants to rapidly increase the google backlinks along with google ranks and sell more. The system tracks all sales including SEO sales to make it water clear which link brought how much money. Google never counts the links from low traffic sites. But a high PR sites will never agrees to link unless he has some vested interest. But an attractive revenue sharing personalized deal may attract a high traffic site. And Euraffiliates will help a merchant to make a personalized deal.

3. More Paid Ads Sales: Merchants can setup all paid ad-campaigns (PPC, paid ads, banners etc), as internal affiliate accounts quite easily, track their sales, measure the ROI for each ad campaign accurately, analyze the periodical sales and take better marketing decisions to improve the sales. They can do the same thing using GA but the goal setting integration is much complex and totally extra things to do. GA also deletes cookies after 30 days, here they have got control on setting cookie period.

4. Multiple Affiliate Network Sales: Euraffiliates supports multiple affiliate platforms. Merchants can integrate multiple affiliate networks with Euraffiliates, create a master cookie platform, avoid the risk of double commissions (this normally appears when he joins multiple networks) and multiply their cumulative network sales.

5. Newsletter/Bulk Email Sales: Euraffiliates has a mass mailer built-in. It is simple but it is powerful. It can send emails to any number of recipients without crashing the server. Merchants can send monthly, weekly newsletters to their existing clients, contacts, 3rd party email lists using a bulk mailer and get more direct and indirect sales.

To get started, merchants don't need to install five different softwares but only "Euraffiliates Next-G Affiliate Software".

The installation process is quite impressive too. It is totally automated and a merchant never needs edit a file, not even the config file.

To remove any doubt or further clarification merchants should contact Lutfal Hoque, Affiliate Software Specialist at or simply download the software at, setup it in his own website, try it and then believe it.