Euraffiliates Introduces Custom Affiliate Widgets for Zen Cart & OSCommerce Merchants

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Now Zencart & OSCommerce merchants can setup and start selling through affiliates in few hours.

Now Zencart & OSCommerce merchants can setup and start selling through affiliates in few hours.

Euraffiliates ( ),Guest Posting the Next-G Affiliate Software vendor introduces Amazon like Affiliate Widgets to display merchant products on the affiliate websites. This tool along with some other has changed the traditional concepts about setting up an in-house affiliate program.

Affiliate Software can multiply online sales but ….

Every Internet business owner knows that affiliate marketing can increase online sales dramatically. But despite that, not everyone succeeds with affiliate marketing. To get started they really need help from a variety of experts: web developers to install and integrate the system, graphics designers to design the banners, copy writers to write the advertisement copies, lawyers to draw the terms page and email marketer to send mass mail campaigns to find affiliates.
And most fail because they simply fail to line up all these experts and never really start affiliate marketing.

Euraffiliates has immediate solutions

Euraffiliates has made it simple for Zen Cart & OSCommerce store owners. They don't need to line up so many experts. Anyone having knowledge in FTP uploads and copy pasting can get started selling through affiliates in few hours.

Euraffiliates does it by automating all the pre-affiliate-marketing steps.

Automated Basic Installation

Euraffiliates Installation requires just uploading a single zipped source file (not even individual files to avoid extra time) along with few setup files and completing the setup wizard. No file to edit required. The video of the complete installation process is at
Online Theme and Content Customization

Merchants can upload the logo, change the look-and-feel and customize the affiliate page contents through online forms. The system has always default content to get started. It has even a standard affiliate terms page that can be customized.

Ready Integration for Zen Cart & OSCommerce

To integrate with the website, all the merchants need to do is "copy the integration code from the system and paste it at the specified file in the website".

Custom Ad Generations through Amazon like Affiliate Widgets

If merchants have 1000 products it is never possible for a merchant to create 1000 banners for each product. Again most affiliates will be interested to promote selected products only. Ideally they will want to display few desired products on their websites. An affiliate widget does exactly this. An affiliate can select the desired products, categories, and preview, customize the look, feel and save the settings, copy one line of codes to publish their websites. With just a copy paste method an affiliate website displays merchant's products. Any change in the product info will automatically reflect in the affiliate websites.

The video of the widget setup at merchant panel and customization at affiliate panel is at
The simplest and Friendliest way of linking - Direct linking

The quick link and natural link has made the linking process simple and SEO safe. Affiliates can place natural links ( to any merchant web-page from a trusted affiliate domain. To make a domain trusted it takes only 2 minutes. Affiliates can share a quick link with their customers, friends. All they need to do is to add the affiliate marker (aid=XX) at the end of the merchant links before sharing or publishing.

Have a question? Contact Lutfal Hoque, Affiliate Software Specialist at or simply download the software at, try it and then believe it.

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