Global Module - a multiple domain affiliate software platform

Mar 9


L Hoque

L Hoque

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A global module is an advanced affiliate software platform. Under a single affiliate software installation, you can setup multiple websites, selling multiple set of products in different currencies with differential commission or cookie setting but paying affiliates in a single go for all websites.

What is a Global Module in Euraffiliates Affiliate Software Program?

A global module is an advanced affiliate software platform. Under a single affiliate software installation,Global Module - a multiple domain affiliate software platform Articles it allows:

  • single affiliate and merchant control panel
  • multiple eCommerce websites hosted on different domains
  • same or different set of products in different domains
  • same or different currency in different domains
  • domain wise promos/links setup
  • domainwise cookie/commission logic setup
  • domainwise reports or global reports for all domains
  • single monthly affiliate payment for multiple domains
  • central affiliate account for all domains
  • login / registration via the central domain or via each domain
  • first party cookie tracking for each domain
  • no SEO killing cross domain redirection (even option for direct links)

Do you really need it?

If you already have or are planning to have multiple eCommerce sites, and want to sell products and/or services through affiliate marketing, you will need a global module to avoid throwing away your existing affiliate software.

What is the problem with standard affiliate software?

Traditional affiliate software systems are not meant to provide affiliate solutions for multiple eCommerce websites. If you have multiple eCommerce websites (say 5) you have to pay for five different licenses. If that is how you now operate, you are likely frustrated and stressed trying to install and maintain five different affiliate systems that require five different sets of logins.

A different option is to set up all of the eCommerce sites using a single system. It can definitely be accomplished. You can dump all your products from multiple websites, commissions, promos, and links using the affiliate system of one single merchant. Technically, it is possible to do this, but the practical issues may have you pulling out your hair.

  • Affiliates of the five domains actually intend to link directly to their own sales pages. That would mean five different domains intended to separately and directly link.  However, since there is only one single link controller page, the links of the four other domains will be directed via the central domain.

    As a result, the four other affiliate links become cross-domain redirected links. Search engines do not like any redirected links, but they hate cross-domain redirection.

    ------Choosing this option would be business suicide because the search engines will penalize your affiliate sites for something that looks like a   paid l link. No affiliate with a fair knowledge of SEO would allow such links. From the merchant's site as well, the search engines will not find these links coming from your site SEO friendly and you too can be penalised.
  • If you dump promos of the five domains into a single system, it will be a mess. After only a few days, it will be unmanageable for the affiliate manager. Your affiliates will find it difficult to select the desired link. If the page is too big, they may never try again.
  • Most affiliates want to promote only products from their affiliate site. They will be confused seeing different products and promos dumped on the same page.

    If you are selling in multiple currencies on different domains, you will not be able to show commissions in their native currencies.

    You will not be able to evaluate performance on a domain-by-domain basis, which is always sorely needed to make future business decisions.
Do standard affiliate software products include this tool?

Not all affiliate software products are powered with this advanced global software module tool; however, Euraffiliates' software does include it. Before you purchase any affiliate software, first view a demo to ensure that it has the global module tool.

However this is a special feature of Euraffiliates affiliate software. 

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