How can one become a lazy affiliate and still earn with affiliate sales videos?

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Everyone tries to be successful in affiliate marketing but only a few know the art of selling. Now affiliate sales videos can do the selling for the affiliates.

Can you remember when last you saw a door to door salesman? There was a time when it was the most common way of selling products along with advertisements in newspapers,Guest Posting magazines coupled with hoardings etc.

Then came internet; and people started using it more and more. It’s easier also you see; instead of going to a thousand people personally, one can send mails over the internet to not a thousand but millions of people. The market got widened. From one city or state, the whole world became potential market. The enormous size of the market made it difficult for companies to handle it on their own, no matter how big the company might be. So they sought alternate ways of tapping the market.

Thus originated the idea of affiliate marketing. Recruit affiliates, pay them a percentage of profit and they will do the internet marketing on behalf of the company. No salary to pay either. Sale and earn, can’t sale, no earning. A new breed of salesmen came into being, affiliate marketers.

The affiliates relentlessly keep on trying to sale the products. They promote the products through their web sites or blogs, through bulk e-mail marketing, physical efforts to friends and relatives, advertising over the internet and such other ways.

This advertising took another leap with the introduction of online sale video. Instead of sending a mail, one now sends a video mail. This type of mail has tremendous effects on the potential buyers. A few words or texts were what the affiliate marketers have so far been using to promote their products. But emotions can hardly be conveyed trough words or letters alone. When one gets video mails instead, in addition to the words spoken, he is attracted to the person also through his physical and oratory powers because now he is actually seeing the person talking to him.

But then, each one of us is not that proficient in talking. After all each and every person is not endowed by the lord with good oratory power. Creating videos is expensive also and at the same time demands technical skill which a commoner might not be able to execute. Here comes the importance of ready made affiliate sale videos.

As you know, videos tend to attract traffic to a great extent. Think of YouTube or the like video sites. See the amount of traffic such sites enjoy each and every day. So what if we could get our hands to some videos produced by technically sound experts and use it to promote our products?

Affiliate sale videos, as told above, are designed and produced by experts and are encoded with the affiliate links of the purchasers. These videos do an excellent work for preselling the products.

Some of the sellers also provide some bonuses along with the videos like sales letters. These letters are generally for clickbank products and encoded with the purchaser’s clickbank affiliate id. These need to be only plugged in to autoresponders and has the ability of catching leads as well as selling the product.

I feel this is a good option for the affiliates to try. Affiliates send a lot of mails anyway to increase sales. Why not send video mails i,e, affiliate sale videos? If one has the ability to produce the video mails, well and good. But those who do not have the ability or can not afford the cost; the alternative of buying low priced sale videos is an excellent idea to convert. The difference in sales will be visible within a few weeks.

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