The Turtle and the Rabbit Do Affiliate Marketing

Jan 16


David McCammon

David McCammon

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The Turtle and the RabbitDo ... ... upon a time there was a ... Island. The weather was ... It usually rained a little early in the morning to freshen the air and bring o


The Turtle and the Rabbit
Do Affiliate Marketing

Once upon a time there was a beautiful Island. The weather
was wonderful. It usually rained a little early in the
morning to freshen the air and bring out all the wonderful

Then again it rained a little at night to bring out the lush
and beautiful vegetation by morning. But the sun still
shown most of the day.

As luck would have it,The Turtle and the Rabbit Do Affiliate Marketing Articles two descendants of the famous
"Tortoise and Hare" lived together on this very same Island!

They were actually pretty good friends, using their laptops
to communicate, the rabbit never stayed in one place long
enough to hold a normal conversation.

Besides eating and sleeping all they ever did was play
against each other in Internet shooting competitions.
Surprisingly the speedy rabbit was not the winner as often
as you might think.

Tiring of shooting each other in cyberspace they decided to
play another game. The Affiliate Marketing Game!

The rules were very simple, join as many or few affiliate
programs as they wish and whoever accumulated the most
points(measured in money) in 12 months would be declared the

The first few weeks by each was spent learning, they
subscribed to ezines, bought books and courses, and
participated in forums.

Mr. Turtle started a newsletter based on the things that he
learned. He built a simple web page designed to collect
email addresses and send out his ezine. He learned and
practiced building trusting relationships with his

Mr. Rabbit used pay per click search engines like google
adwords and overture to send targeted visitors directly to
his affiliate pages. He learned about keywords, clickthru
and conversion rates. He started making money right away.

Though it took longer, Mr. Turtle soon started getting sales
from his ever growing list. The larger his list got and the
more his subscribers could trust him to have their best
interests at heart, the more money he made.

Mr. Rabbit found that once he had perfected the formula for
pay per click success he could duplicate it over a wide
range of products and services. His income seemed to be
limited only by the time that he had available.

After one year the results were in. Mr. Rabbit had won! Or
did he? You would never know it from the size of the grin
on Mr. Turtles' face.

As per their original agreement they went back to playing
the Internet games that they had played before. The rabbits
income quickly ground to a halt.

The turtle still sent an email every week or so to his huge
list and soon his actual income surpassed that of his quick

The moral of the story here my Internet marketing friends,
is that we should always optimize our marketing strategies
for the present and the future.

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