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May 4 16:38 2007 Jerome Dsouza Print This Article

Sometimes a small change in how we view our online efforts can reveal rare new possibilities. Often times we get bogged down in set patterns while working our business and slave on the same course without results. But if we take a step back...

While working a forum with the end goal of attracting other forum members to my opps. I suddenly realised I was doing it all backwards. Joining discussions in the hope that someone would see the signature line was beginning to feel like one long series of unlucky fishing days. And suddenly it dawned on me,Guest Posting I was blindly fishing for prospects while they right there in front of me! I were right in the middle of a sea of prospects and did not know it!

Here is what I learnt, use, and continue to use to tap into the 'sea of prospects' most online forums are and get real prospects to my opportunities. This is just another way to tap into forums and no you won't run foul of forum regulations using this info.

Selling products or promoting opps. requires info on who needs what and where. Forums are an ideal free source of this info where aware members can easily access info pointing to possible needs of other members. Based on what you glean from such info and then collating it with info coming up as you converse with others you could form a fairly accurate idea of someone's online business related needs and wants.

Of course, one has to develop the ability to spot and extract info accurately but this comes by and by and grows with time and experience. Here are some of many ways in which forum info can be mined for potential profitable gain. Draw your own conclusions, these are just a few pointers you could use...

..Age and Sex: could help select conversation topics... ..Business and leisure interests: direct pointers! ..Photograph: keep in mind to add life to your conversation. ..HomePage: A visit can uncover a wealth of info like...

If the member is an affiliate/referral marketer yet to get his own domain/hosting - you have a possible domain/hosting client; Own domain/hosting but amateur site-design - possible webtools client; Prof. webdesign/hosting - possible client for serious Advtg & Mktg campaigns; Affiliate/Referral marketer - possible free/paid advtg. prospect. And so on...

Also, a member's choice of opp. or opps. could throw up insights into that member's mktg mind-set. Is he chasing dreams?. Is she promoting the latest golden opp to make untold millions? Or is he / she working a much more solid program with real products and real benefits?

Once you have this info your next step is to WIN TRUST and build credibility. Do this by first visiting their opps, who knows it could be something you may need. Then discuss, ask for more info, talk. Be honest without being blunt if you have to refuse an offer; mostly, be honest - it will help keep the lines open!

Always try to give something of value, be it advice (easy there) or info, give value to create recall value in your forum member's memory so that all communication coming from you will carry with it the feeling that here is a networker genuinely concerned with helping another succeed just as much as he himself wants to succeed. Be the first to give!

Does this sound like a lot of 'work'?

Well, consider then that 'best websites' are said to have a conversion rate of 0.25% which means 1 out of every 400 visitors might buy your product or join your opportunity from visiting your site. How much work does it take to get 400 visitors? How many 400's will you have to create with all your advtg & mktg to make a change in your online business?

Assuming your's too is one of those 'best websites'!

On the other hand in a forum you straight away start off 'warm' it's up to you whether you get 'warmer' or go cold. Every member you work with is that potential 1 out of 400 without having to sift through the 400 others and without having the best website either. Work 10 members a month and you have avoided the over-whelm of working to get 4000 visitors monthly.


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