Online Business Articles - How To Read for Profit

May 4


Jerome Dsouza

Jerome Dsouza

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To earn an online income one should have an online business. Having the business is easy, managing and growing it is where 97% new entrants fail. Even though all the knowledge to work the business is readily available in the form of the 'ezine article'. This article is about how those articles can be used profitably.


Considering the vast range of how-to subjects covered,Online Business Articles - How To Read for Profit Articles ezine-articles could be one of the best ways to improve an online business. But really taking profitable advantage of these articles very often reaches one's over-whelm thresholds because even a subscription to a few ezines brings in more articles than there is time to attend to.

Lack of time leads to unproductive habits... articles that need to be carefully read tend to get lightly scanned. Ideas that flow from such reading get mentally indexed to be used later, which of course does not happen. More often than not the only thing that happens to an ezine article is that it is saved for future reference - never to be seen again! Before we know it, the very purpose of subscribing - to learn how to improve our business - is defeated.

Here are some simple steps to extract real benefits from the ezine articles that reach your inbox. Use them often and you will convert ordinary article-reading into online profits!

1. Take control - limit your ezine subscriptions. 2. Try reading as opposed to scanning! 3. Stop making 'mental notes' 4. Stop saving articles, hints, tips for 'later' 5. Take this major step to distil profits from ezine articles.

Copy and save the article in a 'notepad' file. Now resize this notepad file to occupy half your monitor, say the left half; In the right half, open which ever aspect of your online business the article refers to...web-design, web- copy, web-traffic, ad-headline, ad-copy, whatever. Begin reading the article on your left and immediately correlate it's info with your efforts on the right - instantly correcting, editing, changing...

A simple process no doubt but in all probability you will be surprised by the results and benefits this simple action will bring you. If you were working on an ad-headline, right then and there your headline could morph into that 'hypnotic' spell you've never been able to cast, till now, that is...

If you were working on ad-copy, yours could metamorphose into an enticing butterfly simply as a result of applying the hints you just read in that article on ad-copy writing. Or maybe you'll begin to understand how small changes to your site content could trigger the emotional switch to impel people to buy stuff from your explained by that SEO guru in the article you are 'reading'.

Of course, you could avoid saving to notepad by simply having both - the article and your work - open and alt+tabbing (windows) between the two. I prefer notepad for it helps me concentrate - the stark black-n-white format with no toolbars whatsoever helps to stay focused. For me this gets the job done quickly and I end up having enough time to tackle more articles.

Another thing you could do is print the article. This has the advantage of being able to be read from more 'angles' than is possible with a desktop or laptop and this is important for one never knows from which angle or when inspiration may peep out. A pencil or pen at hand is vital to capture fleeting wisps of inspiration which can be quickly jotted on the hard copy. Work on the inspired bits later but first grab 'em.

Now all those potent articles which would normally be scanned and most probably canned...are Saved...Read...Applied. Better yet, you've not only finished reading the article, you have even assimilated the information.You most probably will not need to refer to that article again. You have become the info! Your online business reflects your new knowledge!

Another benefit of approaching the nuts and bolts of an online biz in this simple way is the indirect tackling of a major obstacle to online success - Procrastination! Things get done when they need getting done!

Another benefit? Seeing immediate changes in your efforts awakens a host of dormant emotions...enthusiasm, optimism, confidence, passion; And who can stop an enthusiastic human? Even the Universe gears up to respond affirmatively to the 'intelligent use of intelligence'

The spouse, too, notices something's up!!! :-).


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