The Simple How-To of Writing Great Ads.

Dec 2


Jerome Dsouza

Jerome Dsouza

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The basic ad-writing scenario can be reduced to three simple and easy to remember steps which because of their simplicity quickly become an automatic reflex while writing ads for your opps;

A rather dramatic foreword first..."Advertising Is As Important To Business As Breathing Is To Life"Just as some form of respiration is essential to the existence of life,The Simple How-To of Writing Great Ads. Articles so also some form of advertisng is equally essential for the existence of a business. In fact, even before existence, advertising is essential for the birth of that business, then for it's sustenance and finally for it's continued growth. Maybe that's far worse than life! Quite often life continues to exist in the most abject conditions, barely surviving, but a business in a bad state would simply crumble and disappear. Quite probably     because of a failure of it's respiratory mechanism - advertising.In the online business one major form of advertising is the text ad, the most common format probably being the five-line 60cpl accepted by most ezines.Here is a 3-point 'how-to' that could help write ad-headlines and ad-copy that stand more chances  of aiding one's business instead of draining the ad-budget.1. Buy and Try!The whole point of the ad - headline and copy - is to get the viewer to believe what you have written. This does impose the condition of YOU believing what you have written. For most normal people, to speak or in this case, to write convincingly demands that they have used the product they want to sell, or have tried the opportunity or program they wish to promote.So the first 'how-to' would be: Buy and Try!As far as possible, buy and try what you wish others should buy from your advertising. It's important. Ads written by those who have bought the product or tried the opportunity carry a credibility which reaches the emotional buying triggers of the intended market.Of course, you could use the ads supplied by the company but then you would sound like a hundred or thousand others all saying the same thing and few believing it. 2. Take Advantage of Free Info:The 'Buy and Try' method does have its drawbacks.Not all can describe the great features and benefits of the product they've bought, atleast not in terms that will lead to others buying from them. Few are gifted in this area of the marketing process and this is where help should be actively sought from those who are gifted.In this case simply rely on experts. There are innumerable experts who have written on all the different aspects of ad-writing. From over-all strategy right down to which day to post your ad, all bases are covered. Almost any network  marketing ezine carries articles on how to write ad headlines and ad copy. In fact, it's aninfo-overdose all over again which brings us to the third point in the 'how-to' of great ad-writing.3. Take Advantage of Free Info BUT DO IT NOW!Use as many free ad-writing articles to craft your network marketing ads but raise the process to the level of science by implementing a simple two-part tactic - one part of which you impose upon yourself, the other on the ad.In the first part - train yourself to detect the core of the ad-writing technique an author is describing in his/her article; quite probably it will be in the numbered headings or bulleted list of points that describe the article. In the second part - and this could be the most important part of ad-writing - you disclipine yourself to INSTANTLY apply what you read to your ad headline or ad copy.Here's the WHY and HOW of doing it NOW.WHY: The usual practice of reading articles, any articles is well, reading articles. If while this reading is being done one comes across something important the next usual practice is to make a mental note and save that bit of possibly useful info in a badly fragmented disk called a brain. More often than not this info gets in and gets lost. Period. No FIFO! Just No Info!Another equally wasteful method is to save the article or the ezine it came in on another equally badly fragmented disk, your puter. Same story... next day or in the next few days, even though saved somewhere, the ezine and the article are forgotten.HOW: To prevent this from happening, to avoid wasting time and effort and disc-space, and to help your online business get the results it should simply do this: Instantly apply any hint, tip, or advice you come across to your ad. As soon as you spot some thing that could apply to your ad - Apply It. One excessively simple way of doing this would be by saving your ad on the desktop in a notepad file. Now, whenever you read anything anywhere which could better the response of your ad, open your notepad file and... MAKE THE CHANGE!So there you have it: 1. Buy and Try.2. Take Advantage of Free Info.3. DO IT NOW.Cheers!Jerome D