10 benefits to owning a pre-owned car

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When it comes time to replace your current car, it can be a difficult decision to make. Below, Hugh McInnes shares 10 benifits to buying a pre-owned car.

Many people,Guest Posting when shopping for a first or new vehicle, begin and end their search with brand new cars. However, while this is a common approach to car shopping, it is not necessarily the best one. It certainly is not the most cost effective or environmentally effective option, as it is possible to save a great amount of money on a car purchase simply by purchasing a pre-owned car instead of a new one. A number of other benefits exist as well, including benefits to the environment in which people live. This article will discuss 10 obvious and not so obvious benefits to owning a pre-owned car.

The first and perhaps most salient advantage to owning a pre-owned car instead of a brand new one is that they almost always cost less, both at the initial purchase and over the working lifetime of the car. Most people don't have tons of cash to spend on cars, and for most people, it makes sense to look into a pre-owned car to take the sting out of buying one.

The second benefit to owning a pre-owned car is that someone else has already paid for the cost of depreciation. The moment a new car is driven off the lot, it loses thousands of dollars in resell value. Why not let someone else take the hit first?

A third reason to consider owning a pre-owned car in place of a new one is that it results in one fewer new car manufactured and one fewer used car sent to the scrap heap. This is an environmental reason, and it is a good one. Buying a pre-owned vehicle keeps it on the road and out of the junk yard, which is a good thing for the earth.

The fourth benefit to owning a pre-owned car is that it is likely to be easier to repair on one's own. Older cars tend to have simpler mechanical systems that a lay mechanic may be able to attempt rather than sending the vehicle off to the shop every time something needs to be replaced or refilled.

A fifth benefit to owning a pre-owned car is that it may cost less to repair at an auto shop. New cars often have newer designs or more complex parts that require expensive machines or highly trained technicians to figure out. Older cars are cheaper to fix in many cases than newer ones.

The sixth reason to consider a pre-owned car is that it will cost less to insure. The newer the car, the more it costs to keep it legal. Pre-owned cars are almost always cheaper to keep on the road for this reason.

A seventh benefit to owning a pre-owned car is that it frees one up from trying to keep up with one's neighbours. Constantly buying new cars is exhausting and quickly drains bank accounts. Pre-owned cars can be liberating.

The eighth benefit of owning a pre-owned car is that someone else has test driven it first, and possibly gotten any necessary repairs or breaking in out of the way. The first driver absorbs the risks, leaving the second to reap the rewards.

A ninth benefit to owning a pre-owned car is that they are much less likely to be stolen than brand new vehicles. Staying under the radar has its perks.

Finally, the tenth reason to consider a pre-owned car is that one is less likely to become flustered or bent out of shape the moment one scratches it, as would often be the case with a brand new car, as a pre-owned car may well already have a scratch or two on it from the previous owner.

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Hugh McInnes thinks that owning a pre-owned car can be a liberating experience. When it's time to replace your current car, pre-owned cars should not be taken off your list.

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