A new generation of helmets

Feb 15


Keith Barrett

Keith Barrett

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Motorcycle helmets look like relatively simple pieces of protective clothing and you could be forgiven for thinking that the basic design has not changed much over the years. A new generation of helmets are beginning to make their mark within the biker community.


One of the most vital things about helmets is that they should help to protect riders in the case of a crash or accident. Protecting the head is of massive importance and it is for this reason that the wearing of these forms of safety headgear is obligatory in many parts of the world.

Helmets,A new generation of helmets Articles as a piece of kit, are seen by many motorbike owners as being about more than simply providing protection. They have become something of a fashion statement, allowing individuals to stamp their own personal identities.

It has become fairly common for motorcycle owners to get helmets custom designed, in much the same way that many look to have their actual machines custom built.

The next stage in development is being shaped by a new breed of companies - they are looking to change the way in which bikes are seen and used. Technological developments are central to this new generation of helmets.

One of the great problems with riding a bike has been the inability to communicate easily. The speed, noise of the engine and exposure to the elements have all meant that it has been difficult to communicate with pillion riders, people on other bikes and friends elsewhere.

Bluetooth motorcycle helmets are providing a solution to this problem. These pieces of kits still provide all of the safety elements that you would expect and that are required here in the UK.

They also contain some very neat little gadgets.

With an integrated headset, including headphones and a microphone, they make it easier for riders, passengers and friends to communicate over short distances.

The introduction of a bluetooth compatible mobile phone into the equation brings about a complete transformation. Suddenly, motorcycle owners have the ability to talk to family, friends and colleagues all over the world.

Welcome to the new generation of helmets.