How to keep your motorcycle clean: 5 Pro Tips

Apr 8


Seth Martin

Seth Martin

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As the winter snow starts to meltdown slugs and puzzles will become more common thing all around the world specially in the northern topics of the world.


So,How to keep your motorcycle clean: 5 Pro Tips Articles if you reside in the country well the last few months have been snowed white, the next few months is going to be challenge in keeping your motorcycle clean. With that in mind, or 5 pro tips to keep a motorcycle clean after every ride.

Wash it every Sunday

Make it a point to water bottle after every week, ideally on a Sunday when you have enough time in your hands to give your bike the much-needed attention that it needs after a week of writing. Take some time to gently none of the mud and dried snow from the other value of motorcycle and get into the nooks and crannies where mud might have been solidifying over the last 5 to 6 days of riding. When it was the motorcycle on a Sunday, make use of proper commercial products to create a thick form which will help in dislodging the dirt and grime on the surface of the motorcycle and keep it clean at all times. Finally, make sure to keep it covered so that the wet surface does not attract more dust and grime which will worsen the situation immediately. once the motorcycle is dried enough, wipe it clean with a soft cotton cloth, and apply a little bit of carnauba wax or motorcycle dressing material to give it a proper shine. This is also the time to take care of in motorcycle riding girls, especially the motorcycle riding premium which also needs to be maintained at least after every 15 to 20 days of regular usage.

Avoid puddles, safely

now, coming to the point of keeping the motorcycle as clean as possible while riding it, make sure that you are not consciously riding through puddles and potholes. Trying to avoid this as long as you are safe on the road. Always check the rearview mirror before navigating away from a puddle or a pothole. In some places around the world potholes and puddles are going to be more frequent - which means we will have to do something else to protect the motorcycle from becoming dirty. Apply an underbelly protective coating to reduce the risk of rusting and the motorcycle becoming dirty too frequently. Talk to motorcycling expert, or your nearest motorcycle mechanic come out the dealership of your brand and find out what you can do to protect the underbelly of the cycle from corrosion and rust.

Too much wax makes things worse

while detailing and finishing the motorcycle, many people - especially newbies, Make the mistake of applying too much product which later on becomes the key reason for the motorcycle becoming dirty in the 1st place! When you apply too much wax on the motorcycle, a lot of the product remains behind that cannot be buffed off or cleaned away during the polishing phase, which means whenever dust falls, it becomes permanently stuck to it thereby giving it a dirty look. Always make sure to buff off all the wax and detailing Polish with a soft cotton cloth until you get how hard and consistent shine on all the surfaces of the motorcycle.

Dust off before every ride

while beginning or right come out during the middle of the week, to motorcycle off with a feather duster, or a soft cotton cloth, or more ideally- a microfiber cloth to remove the dust in crime that may have accumulated during the previous days right. It is also a good habit to dust off the motorcycle after completing the ride at the end of the day.

Store it well

Last but not the least, a very important point of giving the motorcycle clean is to give it a proper resting destination after the day’s usage. Do not leave your motorcycle out in the open especially if you know of wildlife and birds in the area that can scratch or defecate on the motorcycle which might be very difficult to get off, and also leaves a permanent impression on the paint which is definitely not a good idea. Make sure to keep the bike motorcycle covered even if you have to leave it outdoors, but the best way to protect the motorcycle paint and electronic parts is by keeping it indoors in a lockable garage.