Are Online Car Dealers Better?

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The article provides you with the differences between online and brick and mortar car dealers and why one of them is better than the other.

When making a purchase it is essential that you decide which car dealers you would prefer to deal with. Customers often come across the big internet dealers versus the small local car dealers. Before making an emotional choice based on what you may have heard or where you bought it last from,Guest Posting you must look at the pros and cons of each and in my opinion the online car dealers win hand down and here is why?

The online car dealers can source many cars at a better price. They can therefore give you more options to choose from and the more options you have, the more bargaining power you have too! Given a make and model, odds are that a traditional dealer will not have it in their network but an online dealer will. If a traditional dealer doesn’t have the vehicle, they will call a network of dealers until they find one. But there will be a trail of agents in between and you may have to pay each one of them a commission.


The prices offered by online dealers are far better than by the traditional brick and mortar dealers. This is so because the brick and mortar dealers are more used to stating higher prices and haggling to get the prices low. This leaves the customer with a happy feeling when actually they may have overpaid. On the other hand, once you are on the internet, majority of the clicks will go to the ad with lowest prices. This is why online dealers tend to keep prices low. They play on the scale of their operations and volume of their business than on the profit per car.

While traditional car dealers will give you minimum information about the car, online dealers are forced to be upfront with the details. This is because when you deal with the brick and mortar dealer, they tell you about the car. Speech has no format and therefore, they can choose to highlight the information they want and suppress others, until you ask for it. But once you are online, car dealers will follow a format of giving out information and it is impossible for them to emphasize or omit. They are just stating the facts and you have to do the rest. You will be surprised to know how much the quality of your purchase increases once you leave out the manipulation that they plant in your head during those conversations.

Reputation and warranties:
Online car dealers are a lot more bothered about their reputations. A lot of them are big corporations whose only basis of survival is the security that they provide to the customer in terms of reputation. Customers are rest assured they cant make a wrong purchase and there are written claims in the form of warranties that many of these dealers offer to back their claim.

If you were to compare the options then online car dealers do seem like a much better choice than the brick and mortar dealers.

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