Pros and cons of car scrapping

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Car scrapping can be an easy process for both parties-the scrap car company as well as the car owner if all procedures and laws are followed honestly.

Cars that have become old or damaged often lie without any use to its owner. Some car owners are unaware of car scrapping and why the car should be given for scrapping or can be used to raise charity. People often go on using their old cars and incur continuous costs of repair on parts and petrol allowance,Guest Posting increasing their unnecessary expenses. They are ignorant of benefits of car scrapping.

The advantages of Car scrapping:

There are some advantages of car scrapping, which should not be overlooked. They can be listed as:

A) Quick cash

When a car owner sends his car for scrap, the scrap car companies reviews the car condition based on many factors and fixes a quote price of the car. After the car is collected or towed away by collectors, the scrap car company gives cash or cheque to the car owner for the scrap car deal. This can help in purchasing a new car or investing money in something worthwhile.

B) Protection to environment.

Not many people know that about 85% of car parts can be recycled. This helps in less production of raw steel materials and the parts of old car that can be used are refitted in some other car.

C) Tyres and stereo along with some oil of cars fetch good money

D) Easy payment options.

The method of payment for car scrapping is quite easy. There are no major issues attached payment options. Some prefer check or cash payments for their car scrap while some prefer direct bank account transfer payment option.

E) Easy contact of the scrap car company.

Today, most of car scrap companies have their online websites which have their contact details like phone numbers and form along with email. This helps the client to contact the company and close the deal fast by sending their car for scrap.

F) Car metals can easily be melted and reprocessed.

G) Reduces landfill sites from filling up of tires and scrap

H) Knowledge of market price for scrapping car

When owners of the car are in talks with the scrap car company, they regularly search online or with their friends about the prevalent market rate for car scraping. After getting some references and prices from different dealers, they compare and decide on the car scrap company that not only gives a good price but also quality service.

I) Less Mining

When car is scrapped, less mining is done to extract metals from land. By this way, energy and cost is saved.

J) Materials harmful to environment like oil fluids are disposed off safely.

K) Certificate of destruction obtained from DVLA.

Cons/Disadvantages of Car Scraping

A) Car parts which are not reusable if disposed off incorrectly can cause environment damage.

B) There are many fraud scrap car companies in market

Fraud scrap car companies in market can do attractive marketing and cheat innocent car owners.

C) Towing away charge.

Sometimes, clients have to face fees or charges for sending their car for scrap. Some companies do not offer tow away facility, which can compel the client to make self arrangements.

D) Hidden charges.

Car scrapping companies can sometimes include hidden charges unknown to the customer like towing away fees or inspection of the car fees. The car owner should check with the scrap car company for these types of hidden charges

E) Bad response from Scrap car companies

During peak season, some scrap car companies do not give rightful and correct response to prospective clients who enquire about the business. This makes the car owners resentful towards car scrapping and they may either sell the car or keep the car with them inducing background costs repeatedly.

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