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The second session of the Shenzshen International Automobile Electronics Show will be held in the Technology Exchange Forum

Shenzhen International Electronics Show as the most professional and largest smart automotive electronics has been successfully held in 2011 the first,Guest Posting the majority of participating manufacturers has been praised for establishing the brand image and enhance the exchange of the industry, expanding market cooperation, promote industrial development, has played a positive role in promoting.

Exhibition has been more than just the purpose of participating in the "science and technology, intelligence, brand positioning, product display is the display of corporate R & D capabilities and innovative capacity; intelligent display, manipulation of the more simple, power and economy of the higher driving safety as possible, to allow international buyers to Shenzhen to understand China's auto electronics industry, with Europe, America, Asia and other automotive electronics business organizations to Shenzhen exhibition, so that they more clearly the Chinese enterprises; show good The venue, the venue of scale, first-class service, media combination and the government strong support can be very good to provide enterprises with a platform to showcase its values, culture, personality, and accelerate the rapid growth of the industry brand.

Current exhibitors will be more than over 300, to invite the professional buyers in the country has exceeded 3 million, including channel partners, distributors, retailers and 4s shop, the exhibition will increase the invitation of the terminal owners.

The second session of the Shenzhen International Automobile Electronics Show will be held in the Technology Exchange Forum; people buy (to ensure a turnover of more than 2 million); thousands of training; relay of brands and product appreciation and other related activities. Compared with the first show this year, show the same period a network show to broaden the car cameras and car dvr influence; the invitation-to-end stores; the same period the activities of more commercial value and influence; more of the Big Dipper and car networking companies to participate in, to lead the industry developments.

In order to enhance the visibility and influence of the exhibition, the organizers improved modes of publicity, in addition to print media, Internet, SMS, outdoor media and other means comprehensive, three-dimensional media coverage, there are more than 10 years maturity Buyer Service team, one-on-one invitation to buyers; more than 30 cities in the country, the exhibition will be recommended, will be recommended to invite the buyers of domestic and international channels, 4S shop, terminal shop; with national auto supplies, automotive electronics industry supplier Association in close cooperation, delegation to participate in the exhibition; cooperation with relevant organizations of the international automotive electronics, invited international buyers.

"Close to the show for only 50 days, the focus of the current exhibition advancing arrangements to show buyers and Events has been the basic drawing to a close, the service must make distributors and exhibitors were satisfied with the firm to do a most valuable and most professional automotive electronics. "the organizers HC Auto Electronics Liu said.

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