More and more car ownership led to many traffic congestion

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Application 4.SAMSUNGA8, FREESCALEIM515 main chip on the Tablet PC in car computer, car connected navigators

Japanese chip manufacturers in the mid-automotive applications,Guest Posting Europe and the United States Department of the chip in the high-end automotive applications. Japanese vehicles are dominated by Renesas Electronics, Murata, Roma and other manufacturers suppliers, not to mention the Renesas Electronics ubiquitous network! Many chip makers, car networking and smart car concept. Europe Automotive Electronics Department of the main chip solutions, NXP Learn more. U.S. Department of Freescale's automotive electronic product solutions regardless of the main chip or MEMS are legendary in the industry.

Application 4.SAMSUNGA8, FREESCALEIM515 main chip on the Tablet PC in car computer, car connected navigator, etc. have been applications can also be like a smart phone voice control function can control the smart car

5 can be hands-free car phone, car set-top boxes, wireless Internet access, these features will affect the driver's attention and fun  If the unmanned vehicle like!

6.CES2011 smart car Ford, General Motors, Toyota and other companies displayed a series of intelligent vehicle functions; CES2012XILINX pilot a new generation of automotive driver assistance and infotainment design TI's 360-degree panoramic view of the parking assist system program! Freescale's automotive MCU and MEMS products program. Look at the automotive electronic security, entertainment is necessary! The industry-leading chip factory is very optimistic about the development of automotive electronics.

7 a lot of automotive electronics developer and manufacturer has and banking, telecommunications operators, in particular, is the developer of car navigation systems. Such a one-stop consumer experience in the automotive electronics developers has become a kind of climate.

Electronic components authorized agents to do more than the car electronic products, programs, and push the car electronic products machine! This industry trend is cause for concern.

March 5, 2012 two sessions held in Beijing. The automotive industry's NPC, CPPCC National Committee members gathered in Beijing, and put forward their own proposals, during the two sessions each year, have a car a hot topic, the focus of members, experts, media, people's war of words; this year is characterized by many car issues related to the field of automotive electronics; the most important growth point as the automotive industry, automotive electronics increasingly important, from which we mercedes benz dvd player can roughly speculate that the opportunity for development where the car navigation with voice guidance.

Automotive community more and more car ownership has led to many problems, traffic congestion, parking stress, reform of the public transport system, road traffic building, etc., need to put on the agenda.

The topic of "intelligent transport" playback to the automotive aftermarket, have to make people think of "speculation" very fiery car networking, able to seize the country to vigorously develop the opportunity of the Internet of Things, the integration of a "roadside assistance", "real-time traffic information "," voice navigation "and other network technology, plus the hottest LBS location technology, truly promote the development of a new wave of car navigation

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