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Have you been believing auto repair mythology? Some conventional "wisdom" about auto repair and maintenance is actually false.

Have you ever heard of auto repair mythology? Maybe you haven't,Guest Posting but you've probably heard some of these myths. Maybe you've heard them many times didn't know that they were myths; many people assume that they are true.

By definition, a myth is something that some people believe (or believed in the past) to be true, but is generally regarded as or proven to be false. In the case of auto repair mythology, expert mechanics have debunked these myths, even though many people still live as if they're true.

Myth #1: Your oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever comes first.

Truth: While this myth was once true for vehicles made in the past, most modern cars have engine technology that helps extend oil life. On average, the recommended interval for oil changes in 2010 vehicles is 7,800 miles. To find out the recommendation for your vehicle, check your owner's manual.

Myth #2: Synthetic oil will improve your vehicle's engine health and fuel economy.

Truth: While synthetic oil offers superior lubrication, there is no data to support claims that they improve fuel economy.

While this issue is hotly debated by the manufacturers of this new product and others in the auto repair industry, any benefit appears to be minimal, at best, and not worth the extra cost.

Myth #3: Oil changes should be performed before you go on an extended road trip.

Truth: Checking your vehicle's fluids and making sure your car is in good, working condition before heading out of town is certainly a good idea. However, if your car is not due before your trip, or coming due during your trip, there is no need to have it changed before you go. In fact, having your vehicle serviced immediately before a trip can carry risk; instead, it's safest to plan ahead and having any auto repair or maintenance performed at least a week before you leave.

Myth #4: To be safe, you should have your vehicle serviced according to the "severe" maintenance schedule.

Truth: The term "severe," in this case, refers to vehicles that routinely pull heavy trailers or cars that race extensively. It can also refer to vehicles used for emergencies or deliveries, idling for hours on end. If you're unsure whether your vehicle qualifies for "severe" rather than "normal" maintenance, consider whether it has an oil life monitoring system. If it does, you can simply go by that and not even keep track of the miles.

While some of the conventional wisdom about auto repair and maintenance is worthy of consideration, these three myths are just that: myths.

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