Automotive electronics industry is facing tremendous pressure

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Gia Lam Hing Electronic Science and Technology from 1999 to get involved in the automotive electronics industry, from the buses

Hing the Jialin since its inception,Guest Posting has always insisted on the times, an endless stream of new products, its cable Gimli car navigation brand is deeply rooted. Hing Grampian has been dedicated to car DVD, GPS navigation audio system independent research and development, manufacturing, production and sales, in May of this year, Hing Grampian again heavy attack, launched the product of the Crown Gimli Auto Day running lights, focus on the automotive electronics industry aspect to development, providing customers with better products and more convenient services. In the direction of development, Hing Grampian focus is mainly to navigate.

The Hing Grampian Electronic Science and Technology in November last year on the establishment of a new division, and committed to research products, daytime running lights, daytime running lights, quality, technology and other aspects, a full six months of analysis and improvement. In ZTE Grampian, research found that daytime running lights products are not waterproof, do not fog, light aging discoloration, lampshade turn yellow, no heat and a series of defects. "Do not look at the daytime running lights, in fact, if we really want to do the daytime running lights products, its production process requirements and testing standards than the DVD-based navigation requirements are higher, more complex." Gia Lam Hing Electronic Technology Company President Chen told reporters.

Daytime running lights on the investment risk was significantly greater than navigation products, lamp panel lampshade around two sets of car protection bars facelift faster than the automotive interior products, investment mold. Hing Grampian Wong Tung & Partners said: "There is no risk there will be how the return is because of the risk, the greater the risk, the more challenging!" It is by virtue of such a spirit, Hing Jialin the face of such a high technology and high-risk, never fear, courage.

Gia Lam Hing Electronic Science and Technology from 1999 to get involved in the automotive electronics industry, from the bus series, 6 disc DVD to the 2009 R & D production car navigation car camera and backup camera and go all the way to obtain the support and trust of the resources of a large number of customers and partners. 13 years, Gia Lam Hing constant review and summary of the timely detection of less than, after a careful analysis to be improved; Hing Grampian has been successful brands do as a teacher, learn from an example taken from the strengths of an enterprise to With better and more successful development.

13 years of technology market for automotive electronics industry is large, marketing point of view, only to speak to the quality, companies can win. "Xing Jialin Chen says Hing Grampian has focused on high-quality products, study, Xing Grampian in car navigation technology is already very mature.

After Hing Grampian will be committed to enhance product technology, production management and production equipment, the introduction of automatic test equipment is now fully on-line, to build a simple scientific process, the platform of high quality products. It was revealed that the product will debut in the show on June 26, Zhengzhou, Hing Grampian partners with new and old struck again, innovation, marketing direction.

 price cuts phenomenon. Faced with this situation, the performance of President Chen is very

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