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Can see that for a more perfect car agencies of beauties and decoration, with regular or irregular network buy products

However,Guest Posting in this trend, the prevalence of the Customers network is undoubtedly break the status quo of the current automotive supplies network marketing channels, many in need of services automotive supplies manufacturer, dealer or distributor hopes to buy the site of impact began to look for the late service The partners of online sales of products, specify the physical store to install the "characteristics" business model. I learned from a car beauty maintenance services chain, some time ago, the beauty of the car service chain will agent and a product, a network buy products, to the co-operation of the service chain to install specified products consumers form, the same day they hit the 2000 Pen of high achievements. Enough to appear online buy goods under the first service to be extended to the entire e-commerce market will be what kind of opportunity for development for the entire automotive industry.

Negative of its functions to eliminate the online products and services under the line "double day"

In fact, due to the characteristics of the buy, its a simple e-commerce operation, online business also became low barriers to enter "a synonym for many companies, distributors have entered the network market, sought a more direct, more room for development. In order to enhance the advantages of the product and its own sales, a lot of the products of post-service dealers began to look for to provide the product post-service agencies, the form of mutual cooperation and jointly promote open a larger market space.

However, in the early stages of development of this new form, I prompted for the common goal of succeeding together "online product line to serve" the two sides, product distributors with the premise of the network platform to sell their products, we must ensure that the quality of the product and its quality, strictly play the role of suppliers of quality products; relative to service a party must be more careful construction of the product late and its services, to ensure the perfect embodiment of the value of the product in the late service, believe that only through this way can be truly realized the online and offline, "Main products: car dvd player and in car camera, are with good quality.      the characteristic mode of operation.

Bundled business to create online products, service line fixed pattern

Beauty and decoration shop in a car marketing manager told the author, In fact, for the automotive beauty decorating shop, the traditional business model has some limitations, how to use the Internet platform to further expand the market, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises has been a corporate actively explore the issue.

Can see that for a more perfect car agencies of beauty and decoration, with regular or irregular network buy products, and through its professional services team unified service is undoubtedly a very substantial market operation mode. However, only in need of post-service products, but the lack of services to support the distributor or dealer, looking for a reliable car beauty care facilities, such as the United States Jushi Jushi treasure with the formation of long-term and stable strategic cooperation fixed characteristics is undoubtedly easy to long-term development of online products line service "mode, automotive supplies market is in need of such a varied and unique development model driven by the new development of the industry.

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