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BMW may be one of the best recognized luxury vehicle manufacturers in the world. With their distinctively sleek and sporty design, as well as a price tag that makes them attainable to most drivers, BMW is more than a luxurious status symbol, it is the future in automotive ingenuity.

BMW has a reputation for building vehicles that retain their resale value,Guest Posting while still priced within reach of most car buyers. Their design is sleek and sexy, sporty and fun, yet still offers the driver a luxurious and comfortable ride. Known for their safety, durability and aerodynamic design, the manufacturer continues to strive to make their product even better, year after year.

Every one of their vehicles comes with the BMW Efficient Dynamics as a standard option, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions, thus protecting the environment. While they already produce their Active Hybrids, the company is developing hydrogen fueled and advanced diesel vehicles that reduce emissions by 99% and offer the driver greater fuel economy. Their vehicles use the most advanced technologies, including brake regeneration and high-precision direct injection, which reduces fuel consumption and the overall cost of driving the vehicle.

There are several noteworthy features unique to these vehicles. Their Xenon adaptive headlights have the distinctive corona rings and an electromechanical system that enables the headlights to follow the direction in which the wheels are turning, creating a clearer image of the road, especially appreciated when turning a corner. The headlights emit 2x as much light as a halogen and use one half as much energy. Another feature driver’s will appreciate is the lane departure warning signal: a camera mounted between the rear-view mirror and windshield can “see” the markings on the road and if the vehicle crosses the line without a signal turned on the steering wheel will emit a vibration alerting the driver of a potential accident.

Making use of military type technology, night vision is another feature BMW has adopted in their vehicles. This feature, an infrared camera built into the front end of the vehicle, allows a driver to see pedestrians and wild life as far away as 300 yards in the dark, making night time driving safer for everyone on the road. Another safety feature is their unique active knee protection airbags that will deploy if the vehicle experiences a severe impact, protecting the driver and front seat passenger from contact with the dashboard.
Not to overlook the luxury features of the automobile, there is BMW Connected Drive, unlimited on-board Internet access to surf the web on the Control Display: Album cover display, Bluetooth, Audio streaming and Video playback of films and podcasts are available, as well.

There are a variety of other options and features unique to each vehicle this company manufactures, as well as colors to choose from, fabrics to select and custom design elements a customer desires. There are numerous luxury cars available to drivers, but BMW has committed to bringing joy to the experience every time the driver gets behind the wheel of one of their vehicles. Safety, luxury, economy, dependability and resale value-what more can a driver ask of their car?

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