Summer QuanGongLve SUV fuel economy

Mar 26


jodie mht

jodie mht

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In fact, the usually city conditions, a four-wheel drive does not need, so, in the necessary when whether to close four wheel drive, suvs, oil consumption is also is one of the important factors to performance in 2012.

With rising unemployment domestic oil prices,Summer QuanGongLve SUV fuel economy Articles the hot summer has come. At present, Shanghai 93 gasoline prices have surged to $7.79 / litre, oil prices 8 yuan mark will break through. To this, the oil in nature is a welcome sinopec clap your hands, but for common people is concerned, especially for the common people drive, and constantly to rise in the price of oil is really a great pressure.As this summer, automotive air conditioning use has to improve fuel consumption, and increased temperature may also make drivers produce some radical driving behavior, and further enhance the fuel consumption Numbers. So, is there any way to reduce car in the summer of fuel consumption, which can save flower flow to the silver? Of course!Genetically determined the day after tomorrow, dynamic combination is the keyAutomobile engine and transmission technology, for the fuel consumption of the vehicle has the most direct impact. Major, wind resistance for car high suvs, it is even more so. Km 15 litres of fuel consumption in the car DVD SUV models can be found everywhere. So whether or not there on market fuel-efficient SUV?We at the current market performance in the SUV stanza most outstanding suvs, brand new 2011 of the Jeep ® guide to do a simple explanation. New smooth appearance brought SUV models in excellent air dynamic characteristics, overcome the congenital deficiency of suvs. Advanced 2.4 liters D-VVT engines in have as high as 125 kw (172 HP) and 220 cattle • m torque of strong power at the same time, but still keep a good fuel consumption performance; AT the same time AT the same level with the only 6 speed the hand from a body CVT step-less transmission, is not only accelerating more smooth, and it appears, promise to be automatic transmission (CVT) the most fuel efficient, dual clutch transmission (DSG) is the second smallest, and then is manual transmission (MT), the traditional automatic transmission (AT) the results. In the 2.4-liter D-VVT engine and 6 speed CVT transmission this promise to "gold combination" contribution, 2011 of the Jeep ® guide of km comprehensive fuel consumption of just 8.7 up, its fuel economy in the city in the SUV could not be undone, and even could be compared to the car.When it's time to make moves, raider system with reasonableFour-wheel drive system is suvs, more fuel consumption of the important factors, although it has given a second round of drive better grip and stability, but at the same time also can produce more drive resistance, the consumption of fuel is also 2 wheel drive increased obviously. In the summer is even more so: the hot temperature makes the asphalt pavement bate, sticky degree rise, wheel resistance increase; In this case, the four-wheel drive for the resistance is also increase exponentially, fuel consumption nature also high.In fact, the usually city conditions, a four-wheel drive does not need, so, in the necessary when whether to close four wheel drive, suvs, oil consumption is also is one of the important factors to performance. Also in new 2011 of the Jeep ® guidelines as an example, it is equipped with the backup camera raider system in intelligent choice, can according to the concrete road conditions, timely the timing of the intervention system choice raider. Generally speaking, a wet road or grip the worse of the pavement, the system to detect the road conditions, in order to ensure running safety and good road grip, a new paragraph 2011 Jeep ® guide the automatic coupling four-wheel drive; And in ordinary city road conditions, the wheel drive enough to meet the daily driving need to, so the system will automatically switch to 2 wheel drive, easily control vehicle fuel consumption, this also is a new paragraph 2011 Jeep ® guide those who have 8.7 liters/every km such an unbeatable fuel consumption scores one of the key factors.Shoes can walk the stability, normal tire pressure drop oil consumptionTire pressure is also may influence the oil consumption of a major factor. A lot of people because of fears that the summer air temperature is high lead to tire pressure is too high, which are flat tire dangerous, and will be instructed the tyre pressure is lower; Little imagine, do so although safe, but low tire pressure can lead to driving resistance increased, leading to increase fuel consumption. The right way is the manufacturer standard, keep the reasonable tire pressure can. Now many vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring functions, such as mentioned before the new paragraph 2011 Jeep ® guide, who were equipped with the car inner tire pressure monitoring function, in the car can at any time tire pressure situation that keep the reasonable tire pressure is very easy.The greedy cool into a, automotive air conditioning use with skillA car of all know, summer driving, open air conditioning with no air conditioning, fuel consumption gap in km often 1-2 liters of, this is because the power of automobile air conditioner compressors directly from the car engine, use the bus would cause the fuel consumption of the air conditioning is up, but we can also use a few little skill, the consumption of the air conditioning to make car fuel a bit less.First is a rational selection window or the open air conditioning. Many drivers to save fuel don't open air conditioning, a vehicle from the natural wind in the shade of travel, but, the vehicles at a high speed, the engine to offset produced by opening the window of the air resistance, the consumption of fuel than shut the window open air conditioning often produced oil consumption is more objective. Therefore, reasonable option open the window and air conditioning time, have obvious influence on oil consumption is.Second, the summer as the vehicle in the sunlight exposure to the sun, the inside temperature unacceptably high. A lot of people in the start of the vehicle is often open the door, ignition, open air conditioning; In fact it is bad, can cause the idle oil consumption is growing rapidly, and the air conditioning compressor also have a lot of damage. The right way should be: open the door, window, waiting for a period of time, and then the ignition, open air conditioning. At the same time, in the vehicle is about to arrive at the destination, early 100-200 m turn off the air conditioner compressor, this will not only save fuel, at the same time also can avoid air conditioning system to produce peculiar smell.The last is the air conditioning temperature setting. Often will set in the lowest long-term air temperature is also very fee of oil, because the inside temperature has been not reach the set temperature, automobile air conditioner will continue operation, and the result is necessarily fee of oil. The right way is, when feeling the inside temperature has been more comfortable, will air conditioning temperature control switch to draft hot and cold scale at the intersection of the interval, and will air volume to transfer to the minimum, if the temperature rise, to change. As for new paragraph 2011 Jeep ® equipped with all the guidelines that.

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