Car GPS Market is single brand and confusion upgrade service charges

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 This reporter recently visited the city a number of navigation systems point of sale, see the navigators

In recent years,Guest Posting car navigation systems as one of the car essential accessories, welcomed by the majority of car owners, however, the navigator's navigation effect allows many users to worry about. Less than a destination search, with the drivers to avoid costly mistakes, the wrong road issues are emerging, many owners began to doubt the reliability of navigation systems.

    Recently, the reporter interviewed a number of drivers, the investigation of the car navigation market in the city, and consulting on issues related to the relevant staff of the City Land Resources Bureau.

    This reporter recently visited the city a number of navigation systems point of sale, see the navigator on the market is divided into two: one is a portable navigation device, and the other is the built-in car navigation systems. The price of the portable navigation device is more than 600 yuan to 1200 yuan, while the built-in price is relatively high and low by more than 1000 yuan, the higher more than 6000 yuan.

    City navigator point of sale multi-decoration shop, located next to the car dealer or counter offers at the mall. Sales of one to two brands, the brand relative to a single.

    Qibin Avenue, the western section of a car decoration shop, the reporter saw the navigator does not display in the counter, only three of four portable navigation systems, e Road route, the two brands of the "Iron General". The reporter asked the shop owner, navigator map is genuine  The boss said yes. The reporter asked, will not use these navigation systems navigation errors  The other a direct answer, the navigation error is normal, can not be entirely accurate. Buy how to upgrade, the boss said, the purchaser may navigator to get the store to upgrade, they returned to the manufacturer, but may charge a cost of 50 yuan to 100 yuan.

    Area malls, electronic car dvd and car gps products sales counters, the reporter saw that there are four the Onda license portable car navigation systems. The salesperson told reporters that Onda's navigation products of good quality, used by the map is genuine, but also a free upgrade, did not hear the customers reflect the navigation error.

    6, on the accuracy of the navigator an interview with the two drivers often use car navigation systems.

    Guo Shanghai is a taxi driver in our city, in order to facilitate travel, last winter, he asked a friend from Zhengzhou to spend 780 yuan to buy a "e Road route" car navigation systems. "Installing a navigator in the car, how much to facilitate a little, but in the use of the process and found a lot of problems." Said Guo Shanghai.

    Guo Shanghai said that the actual location of the Qibin district the Dalai town Qi Lipu Village Development Zone, near the North Xiaoli Zhuang, and his use of the navigator, it is displayed in the vicinity of the station. New Area, Fang Yuan computer school, the original location in the southern part of the Second People's Hospital of Hebi City, but the school has moved opposite the Kyushu Road City Department of Transportation for many years in the navigation map on the master Guo, it is still in the original position .

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