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You have been assigned a business trip, planning a college spring break trip, or going to visit family. One of the first things on your “to do” is finding a car hire company. It sounds like an easy enough process, but if you’re under 25-years-old, there are many obstacles in the way.

Because of the higher statistical probability that someone under 25-years-old will have a car accident and their insurance charging more for such drivers,Guest Posting many car hire companies will not rent to those under age 25. It doesn’t matter how pristine your driving record is or how responsible you appear. Most car hire companies that do hire cars to drivers aged 21 to 25 are going to pass on their cost in the form of surcharges that will run you anywhere from $12.00 a day to $100.00 a day. That speed bump can make the car hire process unaffordable for many in the 21 to 24 age bracket.

On top of the surcharge, many car hire companies will restrict what type of car you can get and how you pay for it. The majority of companies limit those 18 to 24 to only compact, economy, and full-size cars. Minivans, SUVs, sports cars, luxury, and exotic vehicles are off limits. Most will also require you pay with a credit card that matches the name on your drivers license. What to do, what to do?

Research Location

Look at the location. Of course, you have little control over location if you are on a business or set destination trip. However, if you are planning a vacation, you might want to check out the car hire process for different areas. There are a few states that have superseding laws; for example, Montgomery, Alabama will not rent to anyone that isn’t 25-years-old and New York and Michigan law dictates that you only have to be 18 to hire a car, but does not restrict the companies from charging you surcharges. It is also helpful to research prices across a wide area. If the car hire prices are astronomical in one location, then you might consider renting the car from a smaller nearby town with cheaper rates. College towns will also usually have more car hire companies that are friendly to younger renters.

Research Prices and Policies

Big car hire companies are pretty much going to have uniform rules from one location to another, unless state law intervenes. However, their rates change by area. Smaller and local mom and pop car hire companies will generally have cheaper rates and more friendly underage policies. Use the internet to compare prices and find out policies.

Take Advantage of Discounts and Loopholes

There are certain exceptions that will allow you to hire a car despite what the car hire company policy might be. If you are a military of government employee, you can hire a car without a surcharge as long as you have a valid drivers license and are 18-years-old. A company discount can often offset or waive the sting of underage surcharges. Ask your employer if they have a corporate rental account with any car hire companies. Certain professional organizations and memberships, like AAA or an executive Costco membership, have partnerships with car hire companies that could help offset surcharges. You can also help offset the surcharge by booking your car hire online, as early as possible, and avoiding feature upgrades. One last loophole would be to get a parent to hire the car and list you as a driver.

If all else fails, your hotel might have a car hire service or be able to help you acquire one. Bottom line is that it might take a great deal of patience and research, but affordable car hire under the age of 25 is possible.

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