China's auto enterprise should learn to Toyota

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Introduced in 2012 world first hybrid prius since, the prius has do the third generation, have strong kinetic energy and less fuel consumption, energy efficiency is up to 40%, Toyota and therefore the hybrid technology most recognized as the leading enterprise.

February 22,Guest Posting Toyota prius close to people of the third generation listed, facing the current increasingly serious energy and environmental problems, this type of hybrid is extensive attention. , followed by xinhua net sponsored by "China's car into the mix dynamic era" conference theme, all the experts also believe that with the development of China's car market, the government and the user to the vehicle fuel economy and environmental impact are put forward higher request, vigorously develop hybrid has more actual meaning, in hybrid that field, Toyota is the most experience of the enterprise, the car DVD work of perseverance, spare no effort, as well as the big market first person dare verve, are worth China enterprise for reference and study.Pulse trend perseveranceThe first volunteer work will come. To identify things of perseverance, immense, is many industry to Toyota's people a profound impression, the hybrid in the field of perseverance is proved that. Hybrid is and the future of pure electric vehicles, fuel cell vehicles most closely associated energy saving technology, new energy vehicles for future development of strategic significance. Toyota has been go hybrid route, and a persistence is 15 years, one of the persistence and perseverance, exactly is many of our domestic enterprise this place of study.Introduced in 1997 world first hybrid prius since, the prius has do the third generation, have strong kinetic energy and less fuel consumption, energy efficiency is up to 40%, Toyota and therefore the hybrid technology most recognized as the leading enterprise, in order to be able to introduce Chinese market as early as possible in the charging type hybrid car, Toyota and from late 2010 to start with the Chinese auto technology research center to plug the charging type hybrid vehicles driving the experiment. Now, hybrid vehicles at home and abroad have after years of development and market verification, with its mature technology, reliable products, it has become the development of new energy vehicles, a necessary way, Toyota has become the leader of the hybrid and stick to one, and in the backup camera United States and Japan at a high market share, at present, Toyota hybrid global accumulative total sales of about 3.6 million vehicles expected this year, is expected to reach 4 million cars.Take root spare no effortSeeks the bureau must be do all it can. If the 15 years to the achievement of the Toyota technology lead, then the Chinese market is a push the hybrid's a strategic highlands, in order to take root in the Chinese market, Toyota is spare no effort, step by step, in advance of the hybrid's localization."China's most important!" Last December, in a Toyota jiangsu changshu research and development center (China) Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as TMEC) on the opening ceremony, for why spent a staggering $690 million in China's building the largest research and development center, Toyota President Toyota chapter male said.In order to take root in China, which is the Toyota devoted her can. In the Toyota system, China the power up considerably. From last year, Toyota quickened the process of the localization in China, this not only lies in the management system, Toyota also plan to all of the new energy technology introduced into China this morning, in the human and financial resources, technology to support all aspects, such as the Toyota motor company's no. 2 technology, as TMEC mountain big shots as general manager, its purpose lies in the will.In the Chinese market in advance, hybrid is undoubtedly Toyota beyond the opponent's ace in the hole. After years of market growth, the Chinese market in the policy, technology, consumption level has presented good situation, Toyota has been keen perceive a "mix dynamic era" coming. It is reported, Toyota are to form a strong knowledge of Chinese domestic cars use environment and use habit, and highly professional knowledge of the research and development team. In "1025" during the planning, research and development team will pick up domestic development of hybrid vehicle assembly, and strive to 2015 or so realize faw Toyota, GuangQi Toyota in the production and sales.So it seems, dedicated to the same hybrid domestic enterprises do learn Toyota and tried, slow and steady, let the hybrid's core content and production technology in China take root.Do big market dare the firstDo not and the first priority. From the Chinese market at present to see, the hybrid's considerable foreground. In a variety of good factors, the size of the market application only sent a thrust, but the third generation of prius is precisely the thrust. The industry think that, a new generation of prius hybrid prices close to people for the popularity of the application opens a window, will cause a series of market effect, large scale applications will come soon.Look in the industry, Toyota move is a dare the behavior of the first. As a hybrid market eldest brother, Toyota is very clear, short of sacrifice will open a new market. The user has experience, will never really know hybrid content is worth somewhat, beauty, the present situation of the hybrid market popular is a very typical example. In China the third generation of the prius, then set in Japan for the 20 months occupy the top new car sales performance.Hybrid has become China's new energy to the way of development, if want to in 35 years later controlling China's energy saving and new energy vehicles market highlands, Chinese car the enterprises, might as well learn Toyota persist and drive.

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