Common Transmission Repair Problems for Motorcycles

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This article explains some of the more common transmission repair jobs that happen to motorcycles. It explains how it reaches the point of repair and the merit of good maintenance.

Transmission repair is not just for automobiles; motorcycles benefit from the repair and maintenance of a good service garage as well. All engines with gears have the requisite box that helps the driver manipulate and control the speed of which the mode of transportation goes. Without the said box (not necessarily boxlike in appearance,Guest Posting actually) there is little hope of controlling the higher speeds that the engine put out. There are different speeds that an engine can achieve through the use of the gearbox; it is dependent on how many gears there are and the energy capacity of the engine.

There are many different transmission repair jobs that a motorcycle owner might encounter. Some of these can be prevented or be, at the very least, immediately brought to attention of a service garage. A constant mesh gearbox is the usual set up for most motorcycles. This means that the gears do not come off one another but instead, they are constantly together. There is actually no movement from the gears. The movement comes from a part of the box that moves a small plate over to the dogs to fit over them. Dogs in this case are small pegs that protrude from a small gear which have a corresponding plate. Once the plate is engaged with the dogs, the rider can expect some action in the form of speed. One common problem with a constant mesh engine is the grinding of the dogs. Some motorcycle riders do not immediately release the shifter or put very little pressure on the shift that there is not much space for the plate and dog to come together. Both occurrences will cause the pegs to grind down eventually. Transmission repair for this problem may be to change the gear with the pegs or to change both the gear and the plate, depending on which one has the most wear.

On the other end of the spectrum, another problem in this area may be too much pressure. Pressure originates from the shifter or the lever that is used to move the plate back and forth from the gear with the small pegs. If the rider has a heavy hand or is used to a motorcycle that needs to be pressed for an extended period of time or pressed hard, then if or when he rides another mode of transportation, he may be used to doing the same thing even though there is no need to. The result may be a bent or misaligned plate due to the pressure it gets from the shift lever. Having a bent plate means having strange noises or grinding noises coming from the transmission itself. Transmission repair for this sort of issue is similar to the problem above resulting from the light use of the shifter. Replacement of the affected parts is needed in order to have a well running motorcycle. Most of these kinds of modes of transportation have readily available parts for replacement. Many service garages offer services focused on motorcycles and its different problems areas.

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