Corporate Driver Training Emerging As A High Value Niche For Top End Driving Schools in Alberta

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The writer explains the facilities for individual as well as corporate driver training.  

Alberta is a famous hub for Driver Training Programs for individuals as well as groups as in corporate driver training. The leading driving schools offer state of the art driver training to cater to the fleet management requirements of the business sector.   
There are individual programs as well as group driving programs. The Fleet Safety International (FSI) is in the Frontline of driver training with a long legacy and a lot of resources that power innovative driver programs bearing the stamp of excellence.
In individual driver training,Guest Posting FSI’s famed division “A” Driving School has broken all records with its 35 long years of service by winning several awards for its outstanding public service. The parent FSI made inroads into the the high value niche of corporate driver training and fleet management. 
Individuals such as teen drivers; women drivers; senior citizens and other serving drivers trying to upgrade license levels or taking remedial driver training can join these schools.  The minimum age for driver training is 14 years and the age for a license is 16 years. The training involves classroom sessions as well as on road training.   
FSI proved that state of the art lessons on vehicle dynamics, safe driving tactics, logistics, and maintenance can bring about new frontiers in driver training to add new efficiencies and make cost savings on fuels and transportation by decreasing the wear and tear of the vehicles.  
Managing Fleet
Top driver training institutes like FSI are helping to handle an entire fleet of a company or companies. Fleet operations are complex and tough and can bog down corporate as higher operating costs will drain them. The outsourcing of fleet maintenance and overall fleet management are giving hefty savings to companies. 
New Value
Outsourcing fleet maintenance and corporate driver training are adding new efficiencies. For companies opting for fleet outsourcing the benefits are higher fleet availability, improved reliability, greater cash flow, and enhanced productivity.
When fleet management is outsourced a business gets better control and greater focus on the core business. Thus outsourcing of maintenance leads to quicker, effective and seamless human resource requirements that help companies to focus on core business while redeploying the savings to further expand the fleet. 
Core Benefits
The core benefits of outsourced fleet management are,  
• It reduces Liability Risks • Lowers Insurance Costs• Gives maximum Scheduling Flexibility• More Cost-Effective Training Than Classroom Settings• Improves Productivity
The reason why companies outsource is they want to strengthen core competencies, reduce costs, conserve capital, improve quality and increase the speed to market. 
The driver outsourcing program entails providing human resource services to companies which employ drivers to deliver goods and services. Under outsourcing the third party provider will supply the fleet staff, resources and technology to manage the entire fleet. 
Some of the steps involved are:
• Driver management
• Driver recruitment
• Driver screening
• Driver training 
• Driver testing.
Creating administrative efficiencies, competitive rates and cost management for managing a company’s fleet, this method of fleet management eliminates potential unwanted costs and liabilities as they relate to a company's workforce.
Some of the Key Benefits that accrue to business owners are,
*Falling accident repair costs
*Lower insurance costs 
*Reduced fleet costs
*Less vehicle downtime for maintenance 
*Reliable vehicle scheduling
*Savings on fuel, and spares
*Effective time and route management
*Reduction of accident rates involving company vehicles

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