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With the new year coming in it's time once again for the Detroit Auto Show to take place! The show will be held in the traditional Cobo Center in Detroit!

All the major car manufacturers in America gained market share last year,Guest Posting and overall the auto industry saw the highest volume of sales since 2008. With those hope-inducing statistics in mind its no wonder that automakers are celebrating with the Detroit Auto Show that will be held soon.

Two press preview days started on Monday the ninth and the public show will run from the fourteenth through the twenty second. With the new auto show at hand automakers are becoming more and more optimistic about the 2012 sales year. The show will be held at the Cobo Center in Detroit, and the contract for holding the auto show at the center has been renewed through 2017. Many experts believe that the showcase for this year’s show will be the best one since 2008.

The auto show has a long and rich history in Detroit, and is likely to see a new boom of visitors this year due to the new resurgence of the auto industry. The show has been held at the same center for quite a long time, although recently it was in danger of being moved elsewhere. The Cobo Center had suffered some damage back in 2009, and automakers suggested moving the show. Many automakers did not even bother to bring displays that year. But the center was repaired and many of those automakers have since returned to the Detroit auto show.

The auto show this year is likely to feature a myriad of sensible cars- mostly sedans, hybrids, compact cars and safety-focused SUVs. Many industry insiders remember when the auto show was synonymous with lavish displays and wild, daring, and impractical vehicles. GM will be presenting the new compact Buick Encore crossover sport utility vehicle, and the other automakers coming to the show are also likely to be sporting a few smaller vehicles.

It is expected that Toyota will be emphasizing its propulsion systems this year after that scare where people were accusing Toyota after problems with unintended accelerations. Toyota will likely be trying to show off the safety of their vehicles in order to calm customers down.

Automakers like GM are looking forward to another year at the show, where they can display all the hard work they’ve been doing over the past year and sometimes even longer. GM is proud to be able to show off a myriad of excellent vehicles this year, and is showing that they know how to enhance safety with new features like the front center airbag and the single crash avoidance camera that will be made available on the Terrain!

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