Discover an Outstanding Jeep Gladiator Subwoofer Box in the Rear Seat

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If you are a music lover, then neglecting the audio upgrades of your Jeep is not an option. All the products discussed here will give you sound up-gradation without hampering your space.

The brand new Jeep Gladiator is out and has amused the buyers as always. Music lovers keep looking for audio upgrades in their Jeep. Opt for the Jeep Gladiator subwoofer box upgrade,Guest Posting as you can get tons of space for it. There are various options available that can fit under your rear seat. Here we will discuss some of the alternatives like Bluetooth speakers. You can easily set up these behind the trunk’s second row of seats.

Jeep Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

The remarkable features of wireless speakers are as follows.

•    The advantage of using Bluetooth speakers with the Jeep Gladiator subwoofer box is its smart charging. The feature is that it always gets charged and makes it different from other similar products.

•    It shows water resistivity and is tested to be water-repellent in three feet deep water for about thirty minutes.

•    It is dust resistant. Many electronic devices get damaged due to dust particles entering the internal parts. Dust resistivity of these wireless speakers will give them a longer life.

•    You can configure your Bluetooth device with your fellow rider if the other person also owns a Bluetooth speaker. This way, you can vibe out on mixed playlists on a ride.

•    Another impressive feature of using Bluetooth speakers in the Jeep Gladiator subwoofer box is that you can charge your smartphone via a USB cable. Now you do not have to worry about your phone getting dead on a long drive.

Black 10 inches Dual Sealed Sub Box

This Jeep Gladiator subwoofer will fit very well for the Jeep Gladiator model of 2019-2020. The salient features of this product are as follows.

•    The product has a cutout diameter of 9 ¼ inch

•    The total air volume is 1.02 Ff3

•    It comes with two individual chambers and two terminals.

•    0.51 Ff3 is the volume per subwoofer.

•    Weighs around 27 LBS

•    The mounting depth measures up to 4.25

•    Carpeted with a durable trunk liner finish and sealed with high-quality silicone.

•    Fit easily under the rear seat, and the installation process requires just the removal of the jack kit and the storage tray of your vehicle.

•    Easily can be installed by the process of up firing.

DS 18 Hydro 6.5 inches Jeep Gladiator JT Rear Seat Subwoofer
The DS 18 Hydro 6.5 inches are designed uniquely for the Jeep Gladiator underneath the rear seat. It will fit very well under your seat. It means that there is no compromise on the space passengers need to enjoy music. The phenomenal features are

•    Made up of high-density plastic and is molded with injected colors.

•    All the elements come ready-made with UV protection.

•    Composed of lightweight and durable material giving it extra life.

•    When you purchase the product, it comes with mounting hardware and wires.

•    Manufacturers also provide a built-in AMP rack.

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