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The history of the Chevrolet is not something that you learn about in elementary school or even high school. It is still history, however, and when we know where things we have come from, it makes us appreciate them even more.

Maybe you do not drive a Chevrolet today,Guest Posting but perhaps you remember as a child, jumping into your family's Chevy getting ready to go on a family vacation. These were the days before the SUVs. They were the days when everything fit in the trunk or on the roof. If you were lucky maybe you had a small trailer that you pulled behind the car so that you had a little more wiggle room on the long drive to your favorite camp spot.

There can be a lot of nostalgia associated with a childhood car. Maybe your parents passed their Chevy on to you, and that was the first car you ever drove and the one that you learned to drive in. These memories can never be forgotten.

The company was actually named after a racecar driver. The business began in 1910 with Louis Chevrolet and a man named William Durant. It was to be a joint venture. Their first model was called the Classic Six. This model did not sell well, but soon the name Chevrolet would be well known, as many would end up purchasing these cars after the Chevrolet Company joined GM in 1917.

Before joining GM, Chevy did build other vehicles. There was the Royal Mail Roadster, which only cost $750 and included amenities that more expensive cars had such as a speedometer, a top, and a windshield.

In 1918, there was another milestone for the company: they sold their first truck in this year. This is quite a milestone, because as we all know, trucks and cars have now merged into what we know as an SUV. Without trucks or vans, perhaps we would not have the convenient SUV today.

Most people do not think about the history of the car they are currently driving or the one that they grew up riding in. History is what makes up our lives. Every part of us is a little piece of history even if it is something that is not found in textbooks.

As you drive your car today, whether it is a Chevy or some other type of vehicle, take time to think about how far cars have come. Think about it as you see someone get pulled over by a police officer for going too fast. They only knew what the speed limit was because of the invention of the speedometer. Think about it on a rainy day when you have a secure roof over your head in your car. There are so many aspects of the history of the car that we can look at and be amazed by.

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