Dry Lulu fire a hot dress obliterate the film

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  Future high-Tak map products, into the social element, relying on the professional map itself, by adding a socials

 More and more social applications contain a wealth of location factors: such as micro-letter,Guest Posting microblogging, Path, and other applications. The Nielsen Company, the latest statistics show that in November 2011 (USA) Android series of mobile applications, map usage even higher than your Gmail, Facebook and the GoogleSearch Apple AppStore top 100 applications, 1/3 position.

    The recently released "by the Enfodesk Analysys think tank, industry database, the 2012 first quarter mobile map client market quarterly data monitoring report," Studies have shown: High Germany map with a 26.3% market share continues to lead the Chinese mobile phone map market. Reporters on the future development trend of the location of the application an interview with high-Tech CEO as from weapons.

    Into since since May 17 last year, formally launched from Wu Jieshao, high German map, the number of users has exceeded 58 million, the average daily new users hundreds of thousands. The high German map is expected to break through the million mark this year, the total number of users. High German map the opening of the new version of the new V3 map engine, updated with the latest map data, and increase personal transport real-time traffic broadcast traffic solidarity "," multi-terminal data synchronization and a series of innovative features.

    In addition to the own front-end applications, High Germany will build a mobile life position service portal.

    Future high-Tak map products, into the social element, relying on the professional map itself, by adding a social element to change some of the confusion faced by the customers and products ISP.

    "No matter how you put into it, no matter how many people go to improve the data, but for consumers, the missing data. To overcome such a dilemma is how to do  We present a proposition which is to turn the social element is absorbed into the our products to solve the difficulties faced by consumers. missing data does not matter, can be obtained by means of social microblogging and user interaction, for example, through the UGC so user-generated data to compensate for our lack of data. " into from the wu thinks social networking is the best mode to upgrade the service on the consumer data.

    Into from Wu, expectations car dvd player and in car dvd player of high Germany map can be done real-time dynamic adjustment of the travel path planning instead of planning information, so that consumers passively accept, to avoid experiencing a variety of unexpected situations. The future, location will be the core resources and infrastructure of the mobile Internet applications.

 May 23, at the Beijing auto show this year, "fire" one of the Internet and media celebrities dry Lulu fitted to a semi-P debut in Shanghai exhibition, the organizers took the media to the exhibition hall door for stroke, all the way to Lulu and pat dry.

    Earlier this year, dry ambiguous Lulu and Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen photos online crazy one time friends remember the name dry Lulu. This year's Beijing Auto Show, dry Lulu also fire a sexy dress obliterate the film. A show in Shanghai today, dry Lulu again to exit, and this semi-P loaded debut, accompanied by her mother to let the media and visitors to take pictures, expression calm and natural.

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