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The company was founded in 1919 in Columbus, Indiana by Clessie Cummins and pioneered the successful Model H diesel engine used in small railroad switchers, which was based on the engine invented by Rudolf Diesel 20 years earlier. During the post WWII construction boom, Cummins became a leader in heavy duty truck engines with their N series, taking more than half the market until 1959.

Cummins expanded to manufacturing filtration,Guest Posting power generation, and other related equipment, including fuel systems, emission control, air handling, natural gas powered engines, turbochargers, and auxiliary power generation systems.

Today, Cummins is a multinational Fortune 500 corporation that has 48,000 employees and sells to approximately 190 countries around the world. It has a network of 600 distributors and approximately 6,000 dealers serving its customers worldwide. With engines and generators trusted by some of the world's largest brands, you can be sure that Cummins parts are in high demand

Cummins power generators are state-of-the-art systems that strive to maintain the healthiest environment possible through the "clean" power act create powder program in California, where they use only 12mw of electricity to make up the snow to create the ski conditions of several area ski resorts.

There are also several programs that Cummins participates in to preserve and conserve the natural resources of our lands. Cummins uses equipment in conjunction with its generators that includes the Tier 4 Aftertreatment Systems that connects to the generators and filters the exhaust's fumes coming out of the generators.

To utilize the Cummings power generator parts to the best of their ability, be sure to keep the outside areas around them clean and free of debris such as oils, dirt, and like-mannered soils. Make sure you have your equipment serviced as recommended by a qualified individual.

Cummins Diesel Generator
The Cummins Diesel name is a leader in the automotive and mechanical industry. For years, the company has worked to create high-combustion engines that have as little environmental impact as possible. From the Cummins Diesel high-output generator models to small and portable generators for the garage, keeping your equipment performing at its best is all about the parts you use for repair and maintenance. Regardless of the type of generator you have from Cummins, you can rest assured that AGA Parts will always give you access to what you need.

Cummins Lean-Burn Gas Generator Spare
There are a variety of high performance lean-burn generator sets that Cummins presents to you. These range from the QSK 19 to the QSK60 as well as the QSV91 engine series. All of these can guarantee you maximization of your utility and acquisition of maximum satisfaction from the best generator parts that will assure you of not only the continuous running of your generator, but also the efficient use of fuel for continuous duty and optimum performance.

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