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 A brand can attract the markets, the key factor is not just the quality of the product, after-sale services is crucial. Especially in the automotive after market increasingly chaotic

2011 Car of the Year sponsored by the HC automotive electronics electronics industry Ten contest just ended,Guest Posting Europe and China navigation in the Top Ten Award won ten national brands, the veterans of Europe and China, Xu Ying Long also won the annual Influential People. Rome is not built in a day, the navigation of Europe and China to get this honor, I believe not just happen overnight.

    In the automotive market increasingly worrying, whether a brand name, the majority of sales agents and consumers are the most right to speak. HC automotive electronics, especially an interview with Europe and China navigation agents around the country, how they perceive Europe and China for the 2011 annual national brand of automotive electronics industry, they think what is the key factor in Europe and China to attract the market for Europe and China new brands and new image of how they look, and agent products in Europe and China in recent sales encounter difficulty.

    A brand can attract the market, the key factor is not just the quality of the product, after-sales service is crucial. Especially in the automotive after market increasingly chaotic, allows dealers and consumers peace of mind products to the growing accumulation of brand image, known as the brand.

    Europe and China, Guangdong agents: quality and service consistently is the reason I have been to Europe and China

    Europe and China after-sales service, the quality of the machine or has been done in Europe and China agent, did not consider want to change other brands. The good new brand image in Europe and China, Europe and China outlets mode is to attract one of the reasons I joined the good. Recent product sales in Europe and China, did not encounter any difficulty.

    Xinjiang, a dealer in Europe and China: the mature product and after-sales in Europe and China, other brand immeasurably

    Products are more mature in Europe and China, is also very good after-sales do. Europe and China in the hundreds of kilometers and thousands of kilometers of aftermarket and service are the best, Hua Yang and Lu Chang is no way to compare. Europe and China, prices are more suitable, and all came good.

    Knockoff everywhere today, the automotive electronics market is quite a mixed bag, some of the cottage and low-end products in order to survive malicious lower prices for some big brands still have a certain impact. The author believes that the name of a price war, no-name product is not far away, we must consider the long-term development and market prospects and also the sense of good products quality and service is the right way.

    An agent in Europe and China, Henan Province: a sub-price goods, the price war probably unlikely

    The recent Europe and China sales in the market difficulty is some no-name on the market impact of Europe and China prices, the impact is still quite large. But we'll go to our price system the market, Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality. we will adhere to our brand line, to achieve our quality and service first. Customers complaining about the price how suddenly rose, we usually will slowly communication, they understand the quality of the product, will also understand the product worth the price, will also be able to understand why prices.

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