Everything You Need to Know About the Takata Airbag Recall

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When considering new or used Mazda cars for sale, Perth drivers may be concerned about the recent news of the Takata airbag recall. The Takata recall has been labelled as the largest recall in automotive history, with over 53 million vehicles affected across over a dozen car manufacturers globally. With over half a million of these vehicles in Australia, you may be concerned about whether it will affect you if you are considering buying a new vehicle.

The current recall list includes Honda,Guest Posting Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Lexus, Subaru, Mercedes Benz and Mazda. While a large proportion of the recall vehicles has been connected to Toyota, Nissan and Honda, there have still been issues with the other brands. This record breaking product recall has concerned consumers flooding the government recall website with traffic resulting in crashing the site, leaving it down for hours.The recall is based on a defect on airbag inflators which are fitted to driver and front passenger airbags in the affected vehicles. The defective inflator wafers are vulnerable to moisture intrusion over the course of time, leading to a rupture during the deployment of the airbag. A ruptured inflator may create a situation where metal fragments could strike vehicle occupants, causing injuries. While there have been years of passing the blame between component handling error and manufacturer defect, Takata recently acknowledged fault with their defective airbag inflators. The potential for damage from this issue is massive. In addition to the 53 million vehicles being recalled globally, the defective airbags have been linked to over 100 cases of injury and six deaths. As yet, there have been no reported injuries or incidents in Australia related to this particular defect.Fortunately, Mazda new cars for sale are unaffected by the recall. However, if you are considering used Mazda cars for sale, Perth drivers should note the affected models. It is important to note that in the list below for the Australian vehicle recall not all vehicles will be affected, but manufacturers are taking precautions to ensure safety.The list for the recall is as follows:Chrysler 300 (2005-2010)Honda Accord Euro (2004-2007)Honda Civic (2004-2005)Honda CR-V (2002-2008)Honda Jazz (2004-2008)Mazda 6- GG and GY (2002-2004)Mazda RX-8 (2002-2004)Nissan Maxima A33 (2004-2007)Nissan Navara D22 (2004-2007)Nissan Patrol Y61 (2004-2007)Nissan Pulsar N16 (2004-2007)Nissan X Trail T30 (2004-2007)Subaru Impreza (2004-2007)Toyota Avensis Verso (2003-2007)Toyota Corolla (2003-2007)Toyota Echo (2003-2005)Toyota RAV4 (2003-2005)Toyota Yaris (2005-2007)In the unlikely event that you have recently purchased a vehicle affected by a recall, you are likely to receive notification at the registered address of the vehicle. You will be informed about the availability of replacement parts. However, it is anticipated that due to the unprecedented number of affected vehicles globally, sufficient parts may lack availability until next year to complete the recalls. The replacement of the inflators takes approximately an hour and a half and affected vehicles will have this completed free of charge.If you are considering new or used Mazda cars for sale, Perth drivers should contact us at (08) 9403 9777. We have a wide selection of vehicles and will be able to offer reassurance that your chosen vehicle is unaffected by the Takata recall announcement.

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