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If you are buying a used car or intend to keep your present long after its warranty has expired,Guest Posting it may be wise to invest in an extended auto warranty. This kind of protection can save you a lot of money in the long run, and also give you peace of mind knowing that your car will get the best possible care.

An extended auto warranty can set you back about $1,000. This amount may seem steep at first, but without warranty, you will spend around $3000 if your electrical system breaks down, IF your transmission malfunctions, you\'ll pay around $4,500. If your car\'s manufacturer does not offer extended car warranty, try contacting reputable general insurance firms. Do not buy your warranty from any company just because they offer the lowest prices. More often than not, they\'ll either reject each and every one of your claims or keep you waiting by delaying processing. Most \"cheap\" extended warranty dealers don\'t have enough customer support facilities. It\'s better to trust y time-tested and reliable companies. Their rates may be higher by a few hundred dollars, but this added cost is well worth every penny.

Applying for extended auto warranty can take some time, so give the process a few weeks to a month. If you have thoroughly documented all the maintenance services done to your car, give it to the assessor. This will help in their appraisal of your car\'s condition. Most companies will demand that your car be inspected by their authorized mechanics for pre-existing conditions before they grant you coverage. Your car will likely be turned down if they find severe engine and transmission damage.

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