Fitted with leather seats is the first choice for the grade of the vehicle

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He worked out a car leather seats "cost accounts": a set of five ordinary car leather seat requires a minimum of 120 feet dermal materials

Master that both the composite skin or pigskin shoddy,Guest Posting the life of the leather seats are far from shrinking. Poor quality leather can not withstand the high temperature exposure, maintenance, no matter how, no access to a year, there will be cracks. Under normal circumstances, the dermis can usually be 5-8 years.

One engaged in the sale of automotive leather boss told reporters that the development of leather car seat has been in a state of confusion, some peers in order to fight business, the profit earned playing the price war, with the poor quality of the leather, making a vicious competition in the market. "Some five car leather seats car modification cost of less than 1000 yuan! To see that this" trick "." The boss to remind consumers, a good leather is not cheap, expensive leather may also be "pigskin."

He worked out a car leather seats "cost accounts": a set of five ordinary car leather seat requires a minimum of 120 feet dermal material, in accordance with the purchase price of 8.5 yuan foot basis, only the cost of leather 1100 yuan; count and then lined with a sponge, card strips, staples and other expenses, these total nearly 300 yuan; In addition, the count to produce a set of leather seats from a version of the choice of leather, cut leather, stitched to The full installation labor costs, an ordinary five car leather seats cost about the price of 2000 yuan.

It is reported that, generally medium-to import water cowhide leather seats, plus the profits and costs, the market an ordinary modification of the five cars offer about 2500 yuan, if less than this price, consumers buy leather seats, look for the brand and reputation, choose the larger dealers.

Careful comparison of various grades of leather, you will find significantly different. First and foremost with your eyes, you can view the company can display dermal material, leather is generally radiate irregular oval, the composite skin is neat rectangular volumes into volume, leather negative hair stubble is not the same as with the composite skin.

Secondly, the nose can smell the odor is very different. Small pieces of broken skin, you can use the burning method to identify true and false. The charred flavor of the hair after the burning of the leather imitation leather and leather burning chemical supplies will taste.

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