How to Buy the Best Helmet in The Philippines?

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Looking to buy brand-new premium helmet in the Philippines? Let's help you out in navigating the shopping markets and find out the best deal that you need to pick because the helmet market is becoming...

Looking to buy brand-new premium helmet in the Philippines? Let's help you out in navigating the shopping markets and find out the best deal that you need to pick because the helmet market is becoming very competitive with different players coming to the market every day with a ton of different products which makes it really confusing even for experienced people to choose the right product these days! With that in mind let's find out how you can buy the best helmet in the Philippines for a limited amount of money and enjoy it for a very long time to come.  

 Understand the different types  

Before we proceed any further,Guest Posting the first thing that you need to do is understand all the different types of branded helmets that are available in the Filipino market today. The mostly ubiquitous an omnipresent helmet is a full-face helmet that you must have seen a million times, or probably you own one too! these are arguably the safest types of helmets around, but that is not completely true because as long as the helmet has been certified by a relevant safety authority in your country, it is completely safe irrespective of how the helmet looks. Continuing on the topic of helmet types: there are open face helmets, modular helmets, full face helmets and three quarters helmet all of which are known for their pros and cons. For example, a full-face helmet will give you comprehensive protection against any injury because it extends down to the change section of the phase and provides complete coverage of the years and neck as well. Open face helmets on the other hand are known for allowing more cold air to pass through the face keeping you cool and comfortable in stop and go traffic especially in the hot and humid Filipino weather throughout the year. and Lastly commander modular helmets come into different forms flip up helmets and flip off helmets- both of these combined the safety of a full-face helmet and the comfort of an open face helmet so if you want the best of both worlds go with a modular helmet.  

 Understand your own requirements first  

Now that you have understood the different types of helmets, making the right purchase decision depends on understanding your own requirements first. Do you want to use a helmet for long distance trips primarily? Or are you going to make short commutes to the office and workplace? For the first type of traveling, a full-face helmet, or a modular helmet are better choices. But for short commutes to the office or to your place of business and open face helmet is just as right as a full-face helmet. Moreover, females tend to prefer open face helmets more than full face helmets because it allows them to keep their hair and makeup in place! So, only you can know what requirements you expect the helmet to meet - and therefore use that to make the right purchase decision.  

 Decide the budget  

How much money do you want to spend on the helmet? A good quality modern premium branded helmet in the Philippines can cost you somewhere around 6000 or higher depending on the features that you choose. Having a fixed budget in mind helps you eliminate unwanted distractions and look only for those product features that you're actually going to use. If you do not know how much money you should start with, do primary research on the Internet and find out all the different types of branded premium helmets (only tools that have the necessary certification!) - and get an overall idea on how much money you should have to buy the right product.   

Look for the certifications  

Certifications are extremely important! If a helmet does not have the proper certification or mark of approval from irrelevant authority in your country command to not buy it. certifications prove the fact that the helmet has gone through thorough testing and quality checks which ensure that the product is actually rated to protect your head in the event of an accident. So even if a non-certified helmet looks like a cheap proposition for you at the beginning, do not make the mistake of going with non-certified helmet because first line person authorities will penalize you, and 2nd the helmet is not going to save you in an accident.  

Stylistic matters are important  

Getting the best element with the best style is also quite critical processing of helmet for the first time. Like we said earlier, there are different players in the market with a lot of different stylistic options available for you to choose. So, in that case, look for a helmet that perfectly matches your lifestyle expectations and also the color of your motorcycle. For example, if you are riding a Kawasaki motorcycle, the green color will suit you more and if you are riding a KTM motorcycle, the orange color will be a better choice. However, silent color are completely personal preferences, and you should go with the option that appeals to your heart the most! Just make sure not to buy a completely black helmet because it becomes difficult for people to spot you in their conditions especially if you are riding in conditions with no streetlights.  

Long term investment versus short term purchases 

One important consideration that you need to have while purchasing a branded premium helmet in the Philippines is weather the helmet is going to be a long-term investment for you all you wanted for a short period of time and you are already transitioning from a two-Wheeler to a four-Wheeler. If motorcycling is going to be an integral part of your life for a very long time, do not cut corners or cheap out on buying yourself a good quality premium two-wheeler helmet with all the latest features and comfort amenities. Even for short term requirements, quality and safety certifications are primary things that you should not consider to be optional. 

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