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  there are many things that a boy should notice when he propose marriage from a girl. In the article, I will teach you a little tip, hope it can help you with your proposal.

   For All Boys

   --------- To Make A Ring For Your Girl Friend By RMB

   When proposing marriage,Guest Posting the man should offer woman an engagement ring. After a long time of romantic relationship, the man thinks that it is time for them to get married, he think over how he can propose marriage for her successfully. Actually in reality before a man proposes marriage firmly, he will always make jokes about it in order to make sure whether the woman wants to marry with him or not. At joking, if the girl agrees and ask for a ring as the witness for your love, while you did not prepare for it already, what should you do?

   Here I will teach you a method to make a ring for your girl friend, in the way, you can make a little romance between you, maybe you will present your loving personality before her. Every boy, you have to master this few tips.

   First, take out one RMB of 100 yuan, of course 50 RMB is also OK if you are mean, meaner 10 or 20. If you really hate to part with money, face value of 5 or 1 is both OK. In one word, one piece of currency is enough.


Then fold up the margins (as what is shown in the following picture). Everyone should be able to do this.

Third you should make the piece of money as the following picture

Double the currency as in the figure, then unfold, which can be regarded as fourth step, laying foundation for next operations, certainly it can be deleted.

 Next unfold downward at the place where the RMB has been unfolded with margins.

After the currency has been unfolded well, then you should unfold download the highest peak like the figure shows.

Just do as what is shown in the figure, pull upward then unfold downward

The two sides of the currency should be unfolded with the vestige back the side of the paper.

   After the paper has been well unfolded, it will show as following.

Unfold other parts of the currency except the top part because it has been unfolded well.

If all the procedures have been finished, it will show as

It is so simple, yes? If you cannot master it well by such simple procedures, how about you give me one piece of money, I would like to do you a favor and make the ring for you.

If you are so lucky, the girl aggresses to marry with you, then you should do something good for her, yeah, you should purchase a real ring from for her.

Marriage is a beautiful thing, hope you will be happy forever.

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